What is the Meaning of Echo 3 Title?

‘Echo 3’ on Apple TV+ is an action thriller television series created by the Academy Award-winning writer Mark Boal (‘Zero Dark Thirty‘). The series is an adaptation of ‘When Heroes Fly,’ an acclaimed Israeli television series created by Omri Givon. It follows Prince and Bambi, two special ops officers who undertake a deeply personal mission to find Amber.

After scientist Amber Chesborough goes missing near the Colombia-Venezuela border, the duo mounts a search and rescue operation in the rebel-afflicted region of South America. The series mixes military action with personal drama, making it a unique experience. Like the narrative, the show’s title is also pretty unconventional, and viewers must be searching for its significance. If you are looking for the meaning of ‘Echo 3,’ here is our best crack at the matter! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Significance of the Echo 3 Title

‘Echo 3’ follows Prince and Bambi, two members of the Delta Force unit of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). They are highly skilled field operatives with experience in search and rescue operations. Amber is Bambi’s sister and Prince’s wife, who is taken hostage by a rebel group in Colombia. Due to several constraints, the US government is unable to secure Amber’s rescue. As a result, Prince and Bambi take it upon themselves to bring Amber home.

Over the show’s first three episodes, viewers see Prince and Bambi use several terms from the military jargon. However, they do not utter the titular phrase. According to military phonetics, Echo is the military alphabet for “E.” In the military, the phonetic alphabets are used to communicate over the radio. The use of these alphabets avoids confusion and enables smooth communication between different units in the field or the unit and the command center. However, given the show’s narrative, the title seems unlikely to refer to the phonetic alphabet corresponding to the letter E.

Nonetheless, the title can be condensed to “E3.” The E could be a reference to the E Squadron within the JSOC hierarchy, while the number denotes the officer’s ranking. Initially named the SEASPRAY, the E Squadron was a joint covert team formed by the CIA and the US Army that specialized in covert air transport and intelligence. It was later merged with the Delta Force. While there are some hints of Prince and Bambi being a part of the E Squadron, the same is not confirmed within the narrative.

Furthermore, Echo 3 could also be a codename for a civilian informant of the CIA. In the series, Amber works for the CIA, apart from her research addiction treatment. Likewise, the narrative heavily centers on the mission to rescue Amber. Hence, it is likely that Amber is referred to as “Echo 3,’ during the rescue mission or before it.

While there is no military slang such as Echo 3, the title could also be a play on Echo Tango Sierra, which translates to Expiration Term of Service and references the end of an officer’s duty. Therefore, ‘Echo 3’ could be a play on Prince and Bambi’s military duty and their duty toward their family. Ultimately, like its characters, the show’s title also seems to hold several secrets. Therefore, only time will tell the true meaning of the ‘Echo 3’ title.

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