What Is the Virus in Netflix’s Carter? Does Carter Find a Cure?

Netflix’s ‘Carter’ revolves around an amnesiac spy thrust into a deadly mission while searching for answers about his past. The South Korean thriller film directed by Byung-Gil Jung features some explosive action sequences. It explores the complex history of Carter, the protagonist uncovering a conspiracy between North Korea, South Korea, and the USA.

The film sees Carter dealing with the aftermath of a deadly virus. As Carter searches for a cure to the virus, viewers learn precariously little about it and its origins. If you are wondering about the virus’ origins and whether Carter finds a cure, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Is the Virus? Where Did it Come From?

‘Carter’ opens with a group of CIA agents arriving at a motel to apprehend a mysterious spy who is suffering from amnesia. Simultaneously, a news broadcast reveals that a deadly virus is spreading in North Korea. The virus has also reached the United States through the soldiers stationed in North Korea who have returned to their homeland. However, the exact origin of the virus remains unknown. According to the news broadcast, the virus gives the infected individuals superhuman strength and durability. However, almost everyone who has contracted the virus perishes within 13 days. As a result, the virus has a high mortality rate, and containing it is becoming difficult.

While the virus wreaks havoc in the USA and North Korea, South Korea is declared a virus-free zone by the World Health Organization. It is stated that the virus originates from the Korean Demilitarized Zone. However, aside from turning humans into zombie-like creatures, the film reveals little about the virus’ nature. Nonetheless, the film’s climax reveals that the virus might have been North Korean Lieutenant General’s plan to create new world order by destroying the United States and South Korea. However, given that North Korea does not have an antidote to the virus, it is unlikely that the disease was a part of a planned biological attack.

Does Carter Find a Cure?

In the film, Carter is assigned to find and transport a young girl named Ha-na to North Korea. As the voice in Carter’s earpiece reveals, Ha-na is the daughter of Dr. Jung Byeong-ho, who works at the Sinuiju Chemical Weapons Institute. The doctor was able to cure his daughter from the deadly virus, claiming several lives in the two Koreas. However, both the doctor and his daughter have been missing. Carter tracks down Ha-na with the help of Han Jung Hee. Ha-na’s blood serves as the sole source of antibodies to fight the virus. Therefore, without Ha-na, there is no hope of a cure for the virus. Hence, the CIA kidnapped Ha-na.

Carter fights the CIA and finds Ha-na. In the end, Ha-na is reunited with her father, who has all the resources to manufacture a cure. However, as the group is forced to flee to China on a train, Byeong-ho cannot mass produce the antidote. However, he creates a cure that works successfully on Carter’s daughter and saves her life. Therefore, Carter finds a cure with Hee and Byeong-ho’s help. However, in the film’s final moments, the train is set to submerge into the ocean. As a result, the cure will likely disappear with Ha-na’s potential death, dooming the entire world.

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