What’s The Invitation’s Alternate Ending? Will There be a Sequel?

‘The Invitation,’ directed by Jessica M. Thompson and written by Blair Butler, is a 2022 horror movie loosely based on Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel ‘Dracula.’ It revolves around Evelyn “Evie” Jackson, a struggling New York City artist who discovers about her British relatives. However, when she visits the family, she meets Walter De Ville, a charming aristocrat but finds her life in danger. If you enjoyed the movie and its unique take on the vampire genre, you must be wondering about the possibility of a sequel. In that case, let us share the movie’s alternate ending and how it sets up a potential second installment. Here is everything you need to know about ‘The Invitation 2.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Invitation Alternate Ending, Explained

‘The Invitation’ follows Evelyn “Evie” Jackson as she visits the British countryside to attend a distant cousin’s wedding. After arriving in Whitby, Evie meets Walter De Ville, the Lord of New Carfax Abbey, a castle where the wedding is hosted. However, as Evie later learns, Walter is actually the infamous and long-living vampire Count Dracula. He plans to marry Evie as her bloodline will make him stronger. In a climactic battle, Evie defeats Walter by severing his hand and pushing him into a burning chapel. Ultimately, Walter is presumed dead as Evie loses the vampiric powers she received from him and turns to her normal life.

However, an alternate ending of the movie released digitally reveals a different fate for Count Dracula. In this version of the ending, we see a Russian ship with a few crew members playing poker. When one of them visits the cargo to get a bottle of vodka, he is attacked by Dracula and killed. A pale and weakened Dracula drinks the man’s blood and appears rejuvenated. You can watch the full scene here.

The scene seems to adapt ‘The Last Voyage of the Demeter,’ a chapter from Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula,’ the novel from which the film draws inspiration. However, in the book, the Demeter brings the Count to England, but in the movie, it seems to be transporting him away from the mainland. Nonetheless, the survival of Walter De Ville, aka Count Dracula, sets up a follow-up installment.

Will There be a The Invitation Sequel?

‘The Invitation’ was theatrically released on August 26, 2022, by Sony Pictures Releasing. It arrived on Netflix on December 24, 2022. The film has received positive reviews from critics and viewers while grossing a total of $33.7 million worldwide. Therefore, the positive reception and healthy box office collection will make viewers curious about the possibility of a sequel.

As far as a follow-up installment is concerned, here is what we have learned. Presently, neither the film’s creative nor the studio has announced any plans for a sequel. However, given the alternate ending of the movie, it is likely that there are plans for another installment centering on Count Dracula. Moreover, the horror film proved to be a success with critics and audiences alike. Hence, it is likely that Sony Pictures will want to capitalize on that success by turning the movie into a franchise. If a sequel is greenlit, production could take place sometime in 2023 with the intention of releasing ‘The Invitation 2’ in 2024, at the earliest.

If a second part does materialize, Nathalie Emmanuel (‘Game of Thrones‘) and Thomas Doherty (‘Gossip Girl‘) are expected to reprise their roles as Evelyn “Evie” Jackson and Walter De Ville. Likewise, we could see the return of supporting cast members Hugh Skinner and Courtney Taylor as Oliver Alexander and Grace. On the other hand, Sean Pertwee (Mr. Field), Carol Ann Crawford (Mrs. Swift), Alana Boden (Lucy), and Stephanie Corneliussen (Viktoria) are unlikely to reprise their roles due to their characters’ demise in the first installment.

‘The Invitation 2’ could theoretically pick up after the events of the first installment and follow Walter De Ville, aka Count Dracula, as he works to regain his strength. As a result, he could retreat to his estate in Transylvania, Romania. Meanwhile, Evie could learn about Dracula’s survival and search for ways to defeat the vampire once and for all. As a result, the former lovers will be forced to confront each other in battle. We could also see the introduction of other important characters from the Dracula mythos, such as Abraham Van Helsing.

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