American Fiction: Exploring All the Shooting Locations

Adapted from the 2001 novel, titled ‘Erasure,’ by Pervical Everett, ‘American Fiction’ is a comedy-drama movie co-written and directed by Cord Jefferson. The plot chronicles the journey of a novelist-professor named Monk, who is sick and tired of watching the establishment making a profit from the same old offensive and tired tropes used in Black entertainment. When it gets too much for him, he decides to write a stereotypical Black book out of spite.

When the book gets published, it goes viral and launches Monk into the middle of all the madness that surrounds it, while receiving widespread fame and acclaim from critics all around the world. The constantly changing backdrops not only tend to keep up with the fast-paced narrative, but they also make the viewers curious as to where it was filmed.

American Fiction Filming Locations

Entirely filmed in Massachusetts, the team of ‘American Fiction’ specifically utilized the locales of Scituate, Boston, and Brookline. As per reports, production of the Jeffrey Wright starrer got underway in August 2022 and seemingly wrapped up in about a month or so, in September of the same year. Now, allow us to walk you through all the specific sites that feature in the comedy film.

Scituate, Massachusetts

A significant portion of ‘American Fiction’ was shot in the coastal town of Scituate in Plymouth County, Massachusetts. In particular, the filming of a few scenes took place at Turner Road. The production team also visited the quaint neighborhood of Sand Hills, located between Cedar Point and Egypt Beach in the town, to tape a part of the comedy-drama film. Home of the pristine eponymous beach, Sand Hills mostly offers arresting views of the ocean as well as mesmerizing sunrise and sunset, thus attracting tourists and filmmakers across the globe.

One of the spectacular beaches in Scituate, the Peggotty Beach also doubled up as a backdrop for ‘American Fiction.’ While shooting, the cast and crew also enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and balmy breezes while gazing at the waves crashing the shoreline of the white sand beach that stretches for half a mile. Nestled in the middle of Boston and Plymouth, the laid-back seaside community is known for its tranquil beaches with stunning coastlines, multiple hiking trails, delectable seafood, historic landmarks, lighthouses, as well as its Irish heritage that has earned the town the nickname “The Irish Riviera.”

All in all, Scituate prides itself in its breezy appeal that makes it easier for people to forget the hustle and bustle of the urban city life for a while. ‘American Fiction’ is not the only project to have settled on the city for its shooting. Over the years, the picturesque town of Scituate has graced the production of a variety of titles, such as ‘Good Kids,’ ‘Matriarch,’ ‘The Love Guide,’ ‘Getting Personal,’ and ‘Pandora’s Charm.’

Boston, Massachusetts

The production team of ‘American Fiction’ also traveled to the city of Boston, which is the capital of Massachusetts. The cast and crew members, particularly, set up camp in the neighborhood of Fort Point as they utilized the corner of Congress and A Streets. Furthermore, the steel rib arch bridge called the Longfellow Bridge, spanning over the Charles River that connects Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood to the Kendall Square area of Cambridge, Massachusetts, can also be spotted in a few exterior scenes. Additional portions of the comedy film were also recorded in the neighborhood of West Roxbury. Besides ‘American Fiction,’ Boston has hosted the production of multiple movies and TV shows over the years. Some of the notable ones include ‘The Proposal,’ ‘Godmothered,’ ‘I Care a Lot,’ ‘With Honors,’ and ‘Wellmania.’

Brookline, Massachusetts

For the purpose of shooting, the filming unit of ‘American Fiction’ also set up camp in the town of Brookline, which is situated in Massachusett’s Norfolk County. An important set of interior as well as exterior scenes were recorded in and around the Brookline Booksmith at 279 Harvard Street in Brookline.

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