Chief of Station: A Guide to All Filming Locations

Helmed by Jesse V. Johnson, ‘Chief of Station’ is an action thriller movie that stars Aaron Eckhart as Ben Malloy, a former CIA European Station Chief who is leading a happy and peaceful life with his wife. All of a sudden, his picture-perfect world comes crashing down when he loses his beloved wife in a horrible accident. While grieving, he receives information that her death might not have been an accident after all. Then, going back to his old ways, he joins forces with a former adversary and dives deep into the dark underworld of Budapest.

Soon, Ben comes across an underlying conspiracy that hides some dark truths and questions everything that he believed to be true about his wife and the Agency for more than two decades. Besides Eckhart, the suspenseful spy film also consists of other cast members in supporting roles, including Olga Kurylenko, Alex Pettyfer, Daniel Bernhardt, Chris Petrovski, Nick Moran, Kris Johnson, and James Faulkner. Offering a high-octane and fast-paced narrative that is painted across the canvas of Budapest sites, the interest of the viewers in knowing all about the actual locations rises.

Where Was Chief of Station Filmed?

For the production of the spy thriller film, the cast and crew members set up camp in Hungary, especially Budapest. The principal photography for ‘Chief of Station’ reportedly got underway in November 2022 and concluded after about three months, in February 2023.

Budapest, Hungary

Almost the entirety of ‘Chief of Station’ was shot in and around Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Lying at the center of the Pannonian Basin, the city is popular among tourists and filmmakers for its historically and culturally significant monuments, such as the Hungarian Parliament Building, St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge, and Heroes’ Square, some of which can be spotted in the backdrop of various exterior scenes. The well-maintained pre-war landscape of Budapest, consisting of various streets and landmarks, is utilized to drive the narrative forward as the protagonist indulges in numerous action and chasing sequences.

Talking of action scenes, Olga Kurylenko, who portrays Krystyna Kowerski in the movie, was asked to discuss the development of the stunt sequences in an interview with Eye For Film. She clarified that she was not a stunt person, just a good soldier who could follow the steps shown to her. “That’s one thing that was easy for Jesse and why he likes working with me. I pick it up very fast. Maybe it comes from dancing ballet. So if they show me some sort of choreography, I literally know it five minutes later. I can do it on set without even training before. It’s just my thing. I’m not good like this with other things in life, believe me. So this one, I have to admit, I have it. I just get it very fast, and I enjoy it. When it’s short and sweet, it’s okay,” she added.

In the same interview, Olga was asked about her most fun experience in ‘Chief of Station.’ She stated, “I don’t know. A lot. Everything. Just being with the greatest people. All the actors were lovely and it was lovely spending time with them, working, doing all these stunts. Also being in Budapest. That I loved. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful food, with very nice people. I had never been before. There were too many good parts. I can’t list just one.”

While the aerial and exterior shots were mostly lensed on location, it is possible that a few of the indoor scenes were taped using the facilities of one of the film studios in Budapest, such as ORIGO Studios, Korda Studios, and Astra Studios. Apart from ‘Chief of Station,’ the capital has hosted the production of many film and TV projects over the years. Some of the notable ones include ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire,’ ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ ‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,’ and ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.’

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