Hallmark’s Two Scoops of Italy: All Filming Locations and Cast Details

With Roger M. Bobb occupying the director’s chair, Hallmark’s ‘Two Scoops of Italy’ is a romantic film that follows Danielle Turner, a professional chef who must don her creative chef’s hat to come up with a new menu so that her investor gets impressed enough to keep investing in her restaurant. Having tried everything, she fails to get inspired. In her desperation, she decided to embark on an inspirational journey to the ancient Roman village of Ostia Antica.

Upon reaching there, she crosses paths with a charming local gelatiere named Giancarlo Donati, who has his own set of problems related to gelato. As Giancarlo acquaints Danielle with the village’s specialties, including its culture, gelato, and flavors, they grow closer and begin motivating each other. Over time, she starts to fall in love with the city, as well as the handsome gelatiere. A majority of the story unfolds in Ostia Antica, a stunning place that also makes the viewers want to investigate further about the locations.

Where Was Two Scoops of Italy Filmed?

‘Two Scoops of Italy’ was shot entirely on location in Italy, specifically in Rome. As per reports, principal photography for the Hallmark production got underway around early April 2024 and continued for the next three weeks or so, before wrapping up in the same month. After the shooting was done and dusted, Michele Rosiello took to social media and wrote, “It’s a wrap! Grateful for this lovely adventure.. Thank you to those who have been a part of it! Coming soon.. somewhere…”

Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy

To tape almost all the pivotal sequences for ‘Two Scoops of Italy,’ the filming unit reportedly traveled to the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, which is located in Italy’s Lazio region. The cast and crew members took over various vibrant streets of Rome and turned them into film sets to lens key portions of the film. From the looks of it, they even traveled outside of the city to the scenic countryside, where they shot many aerial and exterior scenes.

In particular, the production team seemingly set up camp in the district of Ostia Antica, which is known for its historical establishments and natural areas. During filming, one of the key cast members, Hunter King, developed a strong obsession with gelatos. She admitted to US Weekly, “Honestly, I do think I had gelato after work (a ton). During the week, probably four or five nights out of the week, I would get gelato. There were multiple days where we were eating gelato or trying new flavors or making gelato. Just an absurd amount. I don’t even wanna know if you add it all up into, like, a big pint or, like a gallon. It’s probably best I don’t know.”

Hunter couldn’t help but talk about the food in Italy. She shared, “The food, oh my gosh, the food is so good. The food is so good that every single night, after almost every single night after filming, I would put my stuff down and then go and get gelato immediately. I stayed in a wonderful neighborhood and just exploring all the little cobblestone streets and restaurants and shops. It was incredible.” Moreover, during an Instagram Live session with Meg McCarthy, Hunter also talked about how she got the opportunity to immerse herself in the culture. She described it as “the chance of a lifetime.”

Two Scoops of Italy Cast

In ‘Two Scoops of Italy,’ Hunter King steps into the role of Danielle Turner, a chef who leaves the hustle and bustle of the American city and visits a Roman village to seek inspiration to develop her menu. She is best known for her portrayal of Adriana Masters in ‘Hollywood Heights’ and Summer Newman-Abbott in ‘The Young and the Restless.’ Her other works include ‘Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths,’ ‘Life in Pieces,’ ‘A Girl Like Her,’ ‘The Professional Bridesmaid,’ and ‘The Santa Summit.’

Joining Hunter as the lead is Michele Rosiello as Giancarlo Donati, a charming gelatiere Danielle falls for. You may recognize the Italian actor from his performance as Mario Cantapane in ‘Gomorrah,’ Giordano in ‘Mina Settembre’ and Davide Sardi in ‘An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts.’ The supporting cast of the Hallmark production is packed with several talented actors. ‘Trilogia II: I skoni tou hronou’ and ‘La scelta di Maria’ fame Alessia Franchin essays the character of Marta, while Dutch actor Davy Eduard King (‘Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden’) appears as Owen Bridges. ‘Circeo’ and ‘Summertime’ star Sara Mondello also features in the romantic drama as Elida.

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