Where Was Hallmark’s Heaven Down Here Filmed? Cast Details

‘Heaven Down Here,’ by Anne Wheeler is a Hallmark Movies and Mysteries film that revolves around four very different individuals being trapped in a diner together during Christmas Eve. Felix is a pastor who is looking to collect food for the faithful and is challenged by his son’s growing distance. Imani is a widowed waitress at the restaurant who took the Christmas shift in an effort to make ends meet for her family but is now stuck with her boss, Dan. Clara is a Hospice nurse who is facing challenges at work and home with her daughter moving away.

Shut in together, the four decide to make the most of the evening and put up Christmas decorations. Having cozied up the atmosphere, they begin to get to know each other, share their vulnerabilities, and through a Christmas miracle, find their solution amongst the communion. The film is inspired by Mickey Guyton’s song of the same name. With the holiday movie having such an interesting setting, you might wonder where the shooting took place.

Heaven Down Here Filming Locations

‘Heaven Down Here,’ was filmed entirely in the city of Mission, British Columbia. Principal photography of the Hallmark movie took place on location between February and March of 2023. Let us take a closer look at the location used for shooting the movie.

Mission, British Columbia

Filming of ‘Heaven Down Here’ transpired entirely in the city of Mission, nestled in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Mission exudes a quaint charm and natural beauty, offering an enchanting setting for filming Christmas movies. The town’s picturesque landscapes, including lush forests, rolling hills, and the serene Fraser River, provide an idyllic backdrop for a heartwarming holiday tale such as this one. Because the narrative is largely focused inwards, towards the characters, with a snowstorm blocking the view of the outside world, we aren’t able to appreciate the beauty of the locations around Mission, except in a few shots.

The majority of the film takes place in a diner, which is Rocko’s 24 Hour Diner in Mission. One of British Columbia’s last free-standing 24-hour diners, it offers customers forty different milkshakes to choose from. The classic photographic aesthetic of the establishment is hard to miss, and has previously been used to portray quaint diners in many prominent films and shows, like, ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief,’ ‘Horns,’ The Tortured,’ and ‘Killer Amongst.’ Besides these, the diner has also been used in the Hallmark films ‘A Timeless Christmas,’ ‘Christmas on the Vine,’ and ‘Making something great.’

The city derives its name from St. Mary’s Mission and Residential School established here in 1861. Mission’s small-town ambiance, coupled with its historic downtown adorned with festive decorations during the holiday season, creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere for storytelling. The town’s scenic locales, such as Cascade Falls and Heritage Park, evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth, ideal for capturing the essence of Christmas. However, with the filming taking place in late February, the production team created a holiday atmosphere for the movie using Christmas paraphernalia.

While not widely recognized as a prominent filming destination for Christmas movies, Mission’s versatile settings, friendly community, and scenic vistas have long attracted Hallmark filmmakers as a destination for their yuletide stories. Its serene yet festive environment offers a canvas for crafting tales of love, joy, and the magic of Christmas. As such the hidden gem has seen itself become the backdrop for Hallmark Christmas films such as, ‘The Christmas Ring,’ ‘Christmas on Your Toes,’ ‘Taking a Shot at Love,’ ‘Sugar and Spice Holiday,’ ‘You Light Up My Christmas,’ and ‘An Unforgettable Christmas.’

Heaven Down Here Cast

‘Heaven Down Here’ is headlined by Krystal Joy Brown and Juan Riedinger as Imani and Felix. Krystal Joy Brown is a Broadway, and film actress most well known for essaying the character of Renée Timmons in ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan.’ She has also starred in movies and shows, enacting Charisse McCabe in ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,’ Lena in ‘Magic Camp,’ and Mikaela Leighton in ‘Writing Around the Christmas Tree.’

Juan Riedinger is a talented actor with genre-spanning roles in popular productions. You may have seen him portraying the role of  Carlos Lehder in ‘Narcos,’ Dodger Dickenson in ‘Riverdale,’ Joe Dupree in ‘Claws,’ and Rufus Decker in ‘The Romeo Section.’ Supporting cast for ‘Heaven Down Here’ includes Phylicia Rashad as Nancy, Tina Lifford as Clara, Richard Harmon as Dan, Ava Anton as Angel Gabriel, Isabel Birch as Roxy, Jace Fleming as Bobby, Jorge Montesi as Frank, and Jayden Oniah as Julian.

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