Where is Buckhead Shore Filmed?

A spin-off of ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘Buckhead Shore’ is a reality TV series that follows a group of longtime friends who are making a name for themselves in the titular neighborhood, popularly known as the Beverly Hills of the South. To let loose and get away from their busy lives for a while, the group heads to a lakeside location to enjoy a summer vacation. However, things take a wild turn when their stay leads to some fun days, adventurous nights, high-drama hookups, and possibly a few broken hearts.

Being another addition to MTV’s popular and successful ‘Shore’ franchise, ‘Buckhead Shore’ also promises to resonate with the viewers just like the other shows. While the drama and some steamy moments keep the viewers entertained through each episode, the breezy lakeside location keeps them guessing just as much. Are you wondering about the sites that appear in the reality show too? Well, don’t worry, as we have all the information about the same!

Buckhead Shore Filming Locations

‘Buckhead Shore’ is filmed entirely in Georgia, specifically in and around Atlanta and Lake Burton. The principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the reality show took place during Summer 2021. Located in the southeastern region of the US, Georgia AKA the Peach State is known for its diverse landscapes, flora, and fauna, making it perfect for a reality show such as ‘Buckhead Shore.’

Besides this reality show, the city’s locales have been featured in various other productions, including ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ ‘The Accountant,’ and ‘The Staircase.’ Now, let’s head to the specific locations where the group of friends spends their summer!

Buckhead, Georgia

Several pivotal sequences for ‘Buckhead Shore’ are lensed in the titular location — Buckhead. Located in Atlanta, it is an uptown commercial and residential district considered a major economic and financial center of the Southern United States. Due to its commercial background, the area consists of many high-rise office buildings, expansive shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and condominiums. Atlanta is a popular film and TV production hub, housing several hi-tech filming studios and talented cast and crew members. Shows like ‘Ms. Marvel‘ and ‘Ozark‘ were also filmed in the state capital.

Lake Burton, Georgia

The lakeside location where the group of friends spends their highly dramatic summer is Lake Burton, a 2,775-acre reservoir in the northeastern corner of Georgia in Rabun County. Even though it is owned and administered by the Georgia Power/Southern Company, it is known to be a public lake. Only a couple of hours’ drive away from Buckhead, Lake Burton is an ideal location for shooting ‘Buckhead Shore,’ given that it has remarkably clear water and is a picturesque location.

The residents of Lake Burton consist of both permanent residents and seasonal vacationers, and they form the Lake Burton Civic Association. They share the common goal of keeping the lake well-maintained at all times through regular volunteer clean-ups and other events. To make things more interesting during the summers, a wooden boat parade is held each Memorial Day weekend, attracting numerous visitors.

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