Kindred: Where Was the TV Show Filmed?

Based on Octavia E. Butler’s eponymous 1979 novel, Hulu’s ‘Kindred’ is a fantasy mystery drama series that follows a young Black woman named Dana James who dreams of becoming a well-established writer. She leaves behind her family and moves to a new city to turn that dream into reality. Looking forward to finding out what’s in store for her in the future, Dana feels confident and in control for the first time in her life. However, just as she is trying to settle into her new home, her dream turns into a nightmare that keeps pulling her back and forth in time.

Dana gets taken back to a plantation in the 1800s and realizes that she and her family are strangely linked to the place. With the theme of unconscious time-traveling at the forefront, the show provides a thrilling and suspenseful vibe to the overall narrative. Moreover, the transitions between the two timelines and the two different settings are bound to make you curious to learn about the actual filming sites of ‘Kindred.’ In that case, allow us to appease your curiosity once and for all!

Kindred Filming Locations

‘Kindred’ is filmed in Georgia and California, specifically in Atlanta, Rome, and Los Angeles. The principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the Mallori Johnson-starrer seemingly commenced in May 2022 and wrapped up in late August of the same year. So, let’s follow Dana as she travels through time and get a detailed account of all the specific places that can be spotted in the Hulu series!

Atlanta, Georgia

Several substantial portions of ‘Kindred’ are lensed in Atlanta, Georgia’s capital and most populous city. From the looks of it, the filming unit seemingly utilizes various sites across the city to tape different scenes against suitable backdrops. Located among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Atlanta is also known as the City of Trees due to the abundant presence of trees around the city. Apart from ‘Kindred,’ it has hosted the production of many other filming projects, including ‘Day Shift,’ ‘Chaos Walking,’ and ‘Stranger Things.’

Rome, Georgia

Many pivotal sequences for ‘Kindred’ are also taped in Rome, the county seat and the largest city in Georgia’s Floyd County. The cast and crew members reportedly transform the city’s downtown area into the 1800s era for the series. In June 2022, they were spotted recording key scenes for the debut season of the mystery series on 100 Broad Street in downtown Rome. They also utilize Cotton Block’s locales, situated at the corner of Second Avenue and Broad Street, for shooting the show. Furthermore, they set up a blue screen on the city’s West First Avenue for shooting purposes.

Los Angeles, California

As per reports, the production team of ‘Kindred’ also travels to Los Angeles, the largest city in California and the second most populous city in the United States. They seemingly lens some of the LA scenes, primarily exteriors, on location to provide the viewers with a more immersive experience.

Situated in Southern California, the City of Angels is home to several tourist attractions, including the Hollywood Sign, Getty Center, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, the Venice Canal Historic District, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. You might spot some of them in the backdrop of a few scenes in the show.

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