Infamy: Where Was Netflix’s Drama Series Shot?

Created by Anna Maliszewska, Netflix’s ‘Infamy’ is a Polish music-based drama series that chronicles the life of a 17-year-old girl named Gita who has a Roma background and has spent many years of her life in the United Kingdom. When she moves to her native land with her family, she attempts to find her purpose in life and discovers her passion — becoming a hip-hop musician. With her dreams high and her parents strict, she is also forced to lead the life of a normal teenager.

However, when she falls in love, Gita must find some balance between the modern world of teenagers and her family’s conventional and traditional rules. Originally titled ‘Infamia,’ the drama show features compelling onscreen performances from a group of talented actors, including Zofia Jastrzębska, Kamil Piotrowski, Sebastian Łach, Magdalena Czerwińska, and Artur Dziurman. The colorful visuals and the use of interesting locations in the backdrop are bound to provoke some questions regarding the filming sites of ‘Infamy.’ I

Infamy Filming Locations

‘Infamy’ is filmed entirely in Poland, specifically in Wałbrzych and Nowy Sącz. Principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the musical series commenced in April 2022 and seemingly wrapped up in August of the same year. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right into all the specific sites that appear in the Netflix series!

Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

A significant portion of ‘Infamy’ is lensed in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, especially in the city of Wałbrzych, which is situated in southwestern Poland. During the production process of season 1, the cast and crew members were spotted taping several important scenes in and around Zamek Książ at Piastów Śląskich 1 in Wałbrzych. Also known as Książ Castle, it is the largest castle in the Silesia region and overlooks the gorge of the Pełcznica River, making it one of the main tourist attractions of the city.

Moreover, additional portions for ‘Infamy’ are recorded in the village-sized municipality of Dobromierz, which is located in Poland’s Świdnica County. The nearby Jezioro Dobromierskie, which is an artificial dam lake, also seemingly features in the backdrop of a few scenes. Apart from ‘Infamy,’ Lower Silesian Voivodeship has hosted the production of a number of film and TV projects. Some of the notable ones include ‘Cold War,’ ‘Phoenix,’ ‘Anonyma – Eine Frau in Berlin,’ ‘The Promised Land,’ and ‘High Water.’

Nowy Sącz, Poland

For shooting purposes, the filming unit of ‘Infamy’ also traveled to the city of Nowy Sącz, the district capital of the eponymous county located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Since they recorded numerous scenes across the city, you are likely to spot some local landmarks in the backdrop, such as Saint Margaret’s Basilica, St. Casimir Church, Nowy Sącz Market Square, Gothic House, and Galeria Dawna Synagoga.

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