Where is Rutherford Falls Filmed?

Set in upstate New York, ‘Rutherford Falls’ is a comedy series that centers upon lifelong best friends Nathan Rutherford and Reagan Wells, who live in a small sleepy town. However, their lives take an unprecedented turn when Nathan begins to protest against the moving of a historical statue belonging to his ancestor. Hilarity ensues as the two friends try to reconnect with their roots and question the very future of their town. The comical and entertaining story of the eccentric duo and their city is mostly filmed in locations that reflect a typical modern-day township. In case some scenes in the series make you curious about the show’s filming locations, well, we have got you covered.

Rutherford Falls Filming Locations

‘Rutherford Falls’ is filmed entirely in California. The bear flag state is one of the highest contributors to America’s GDP, and its Silicon Valley offers incomparable startup opportunities. The San Francisco Bay Area of the state is widely regarded as the world’s technology center, and it has literally shaped the modern world with its numerous startups. But the influence of California is not just limited to technology; it is also a global trendsetter in fashion, innovation, communication, and information. But its most significant contribution is probably in the entertainment industry.

The state has one of the oldest film industries in the world, and it has been used as a filming location for numerous film and television shows over the years. The long-list includes ‘Absentia;’ biographical war drama ‘American Sniper;’ science fiction ‘Avatar 2;’ action-comedy ‘Baywatch;’ and the comedy film ‘Bad Teacher.’ The shooting for the series is only limited to a few locations in the state, so let’s learn more about it.

Los Angeles, California

‘Rutherford Falls’ is filmed entirely in Los Angeles. Although the show’s production had to be delayed due to the global coronavirus pandemic, it was officially announced in August 2020, and filming began in September. The filming took place with all the social distancing protocols, pandemic precautions, and safety norms in place.

Most of the scenes for the show are shot on sets built at Stage 6 in Paramount Studios, one of the oldest film studios in the world. It has a rich history that spans several decades and numerous well-known shows like ‘This Is Us;’ crime drama ‘NCIS: Los Angeles;’ action-adventure ‘Star Trek: Voyager;’ family drama ‘Little House on the Prairie;’ and mystery fantasy series ‘Charmed;’ are all filmed there.

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