Where is Say I Do Filmed?

Netflix’sSay I Do‘ is a celebration of love that transcends all societal boundaries. It is a testament to couples who overcome their obstacles and decide to have a dream wedding. The best part is that they don’t have to do any of the planning. Three experts, Gabriele Bertaccini, the chef, Thai Nguyen, the fashion designer, and Jeremiah Brent, the interior decorator, ensure that everything goes to plan. Naturally, the couples we see are all over the US, and different splendid destinations are chosen for the ceremonies. However, ‘Say I Do’ was filmed quite a bit in secret, which might make you wonder about the locations. We’ve got you covered.

Say I Do Filming Locations:

The best part about ‘Say I Do’ is that the wedding destination is the primary filming location. Among the places we see in the series is the Drees Pavilion at 790 Park Ln, Covington, Kentucky. It is one of the most popular wedding destinations and offers a fantastic view overlooking the skylines of Cincinnati and Covington. Marcus and Tiffany tie the knot here.

Some of the dream weddings also take place in Cincinnati, Ohio. For example, Nikko and Amber get married at The Phoenix on 812 Race St, Cincinnati. Besides being equipped to handle intimate ceremonies and larger gatherings, the venue is perfect with multiple rooms to choose from, and hands-on event staff to ensure that the wedding takes place without a hitch. Joe and Kerry’s Gatsby themed wedding also takes place at the same destination. Of course, the romantic balconies and the Archway Ballroom makes it popular among couples looking to start a new life together.

Mattie and Melvin get married at The Summit in Madisonville. We see the wedding taking place on the rooftop. The Vice President of operations spoke about it, saying that it is one of the hotel’s highest honors to help a couple celebrate love, via a wedding ceremony. The Summit is a part of the Preferred Hotels and Resorts network and opened in 2018. It is at 5345 Medpace Way.

Jason and Jonathan have a beautiful wedding in a rustic setting, which is the Stone Creek Lodge at Crawfordsville, Indiana. Everyone who saw the property when it was starting, commented on how it would make for a great wedding venue. The proprietors decided to capitalize on the popularity of barn weddings and even added a building so that other events can be hosted at the location as well.

Essie and Bruce also have their unique barn wedding at the 3 Fat Labs Estate Wedding & Event Barn in Greencastle, Indiana. The venue offers a sophisticated country-style retreat where couples can enjoy perfect views with the vibrance of nature and backdrops that make the day truly special for lovebirds.

‘Say I Do’ has made use of picturesque locations, which have been turned into something magical, thanks to the experts. With everybody pitching in, the weddings are perfect, and the couples can start a new chapter of their lives with hope and love in their hearts.

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