Where Is Sean Suiter’s Wife Now?

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We Own This City‘ deals with the corruption within the Baltimore Police Department and is based on Justin Fenton’s 2021 eponymous nonfiction book. The show focuses on the morally grey and corrupt actions of the BPD’s Gun Trace Task Force which comprises officers such as Wayne Jenkins and Daniel Hersl. It also covers the peculiar case of the death of Detective Sean M. Suiter and his work in the BPD’s homicide department. Suiter’s wife briefly appears in episode 3. Therefore, viewers must be curious to learn more about her and her present whereabouts. In that case, here is everything we have gathered! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Sean Suiter’s Wife?

Detective Sean M. Suiter was a police officer who worked for the Baltimore Police Department. After working as a patrolman, Suiter was assigned to the drug investigation department. He later swapped the plainclothes for a trenchcoat and joined the BPD’s homicide division. Suiter was married to Nicole Suiter. However, not much is known about how Sean and Nicole met. The couple welcomed five children together and resided in Southern Pennsylvania.

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On November 15, 2017, Nicole learned that Sean had been in an accident while on duty and was in a hospital. She rushed to the hospital only to learn of her husband’s passing. Sean had been shot in the head while investigating a homicide case with his partner in Bennett Place in West Baltimore. Initially, Nicole was told that her husband was injured but okay. However, she was informed of his passing at the hospital. Sean Suiter’s death received widespread media attention as he was set to testify against the corrupt Gun Trace Task Force members.

Where Is Sean Suiter’s Wife Now?

After Sean Suiter’s death, the police investigation treated the case as a homicide. However, no arrests were made, and an independent investigation was authorized. The report ruled Sean’s death to be a suicide. However, Nicole alleged that her husband had been murdered. She insisted that Sean did not show any signs that would point to a potential suicide. Nicole recounted that a few hours before his death, she and Sean had joked about a video of him dancing.

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“[I] will not go on allowing anybody to shame my husband’s name and ruin his legacy with these false allegations of suicide,” Nicole said in an interview with WMAR2 in 2018. She further claimed that Sean’s alleged murder was being covered up by the police. “Based on the fact that no one knew my husband better than I, I will not accept the untimely death of Sean as nothing other than a murder, which is being covered up for reasons unknown to me or my family,” she added.

While the police closed the case as suicide, the state’s attorney has said that the case of Sean’s death is still open. Nicole has also expressed her views on her husband’s death in the documentary film ‘The Slow Hustle.’ She likely continues to reside with her five children in Pennsylvania. In 2020, Sean’s family won a workers’ compensation case and was granted $900,000 compensation for his death in the line of duty. At the time, Nicole called the court’s decision as partial admittance of her husband’s death as murder. She continues to fight for justice for her husband’s supposed murder.

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