Where is Teddy Hart’s Ex-Girlfriend Machiko Now?

Peacock’s ‘Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats’ delves into the controversial life of Canadian pro wrestler Teddy Hart, who was thrown into the limelight when his former girlfriend, Samantha Fiddler, went missing in November 2016. Through interviews with numerous associates and former partners, it explores the wrestler’s turbulent past and the events surrounding Samantha’s sudden disappearance. One such person prominently featured in the docuseries is Teddy’s former student Machiko, who was quite vocal about her experiences with him. Now, if you wish to know more about Machiko and her current whereabouts, we have you covered!

Who is Machiko?

Born on April 21, 1992, in Fort Worth, Texas, Shojo Machiko, or simply Machiko is a professional wrestler who met Teddy in 2015. At the time, he was reportedly on the run from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police due to sexual assault and abuse allegations levied on him by his ex-wife, Fay Hart, and his ex-girlfriend, Michelle. Per the show, Machiko was a massive fan of Teddy and his family’s wrestling and was eager to learn from him.

Machiko and Teddy Hart

Thus, the Texas native was elated when Teddy agreed to train her and let him stay with her in her Dallas house. Not just that, but she helped him take care of his Persian cats and became exceptionally close to his favorite cat, Mr. Money. Soon, they entered a romantic relationship and planned on participating in wrestling championships together. Unbeknownst to everyone, the couple faced severe problems, as Teddy was supposed to return to Canada and surrender to the police.

According to the show, Machiko prepared to accompany her partner, but his videographer Frederick Kroetsch witnessed him being highly hostile toward her at a restaurant. Unfortunately, when the pair arrived in Canada, Machiko was deported back to the US due to an unrelated charge, along with the cat, Mr. Money. On the other hand, Teddy was arrested and then released on bail, and their relationship slowly drifted apart. Surprisingly, he reconnected with Machiko in 2016, barely a few months before his then-girlfriend, Samantha Fiddler, went missing.

Machiko stated on the show that Teddy took Samantha’s Jaguar and drove from Florida to Dallas, where he met her and claimed to have broken up with the latter. Moreover, she found Samantha’s passport in the car, contrary to what Teddy had told her. Hence, Machiko’s suspicions about his abusing the latter strengthened. Eventually, the Texas resident separated from Teddy when Samantha went missing in November 2016.

Where is Machiko Today?

After leaving Teddy Hart, Machiko continued focusing on her wrestling career in Dallas, Texas. She gradually made a name for herself in the state, competing in singles and tag team matches with numerous opponents. Since 2011, Machiko has become a reputed name in female pro wrestling and continues to excel as an athlete. However, in 2020, she connected with Samantha’s sister, April Fiddler, who was investigating the former’s disappearance.

Realizing that Teddy had lied by denying his relationship with the missing woman, Machiko felt empowered to speak out against the abuse she had faced from him. She became a vocal participant in the Speaking Out Movement, which helped give a voice to abuse victims in the pro wrestling circuit. In 2020, she called him out on social media for alleged harassment and sexual abuse. Besides, she divulged that he reportedly stole money from her, physically assault her, and even drugged her on one occasion.

Nevertheless, Machiko has since chosen to focus on her career and wishes to stay as far away as possible from Teddy. She shared on the show that she still is processing the trauma she faced in that relationship and hopes to move past it someday. Interestingly, Machiko has been caring for Mr. Money and loves spending time with him and her other cats. The wrestler has built a happy life for herself in Dallas and continues being an advocate for victims of abuse.

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