Where is The Staircase’s Todd Peterson Now?

Image Credit: Netflix

When Kathleen Peterson was found dead in 2001 by her husband at the bottom of a stairway inside their home, it shocked the entire suburban community in Durham, North Carolina, to the very core. After all, as examined in HBO Max’s ‘The Staircase,’ not only did the officials immediately suspect foul play in the matter, but they also came to believe Kathleen’s partner Michael Peterson was the one responsible. So now that we know most of Michael’s children never left his side throughout the legal proceedings, let’s find out everything there’s to know about his younger son Todd Peterson, in particular, shall we?

Who is Todd Peterson?

Born to Michael and his first wife, Patricia “Patty” Sue, Todd Bancroft Peterson was already on his way to establishing a good life for himself when everything turned upside down. The North Carolina State University graduate had essentially evolved into an entrepreneur by launching a website focusing on various topics geared toward teenagers, but he was also enjoying his 20s. Thus, it came as no surprise that he was at a party on the fateful December 2001 evening, just to find police cars as well as ambulances upon returning home with friends in the early morning hours.

As per official records and the miniseries, Todd wasn’t quite cooperative with the detectives after catching a glimpse of his stepmother’s remains that night; instead, he just focused on his father and friends. He allegedly continued to speak to them even upon being specifically asked not to, and later refused to give an official statement concerning his parents, their relationship, or the fateful night. According to the HBO Max original, Michael’s brother Bill, an attorney, had asked Todd not to go on record since it’d quickly become apparent the investigators were looking into Kathleen’s death as a homicide.

Therefore, when the time for legal proceedings came around, Todd not only helped out in any way he could during the preparation period but also took on the role of the man of the Peterson household. He further offered his unwavering support to his father in both public and private settings, all the while advancing his professional career as a Sales, Marketing, and Entrepreneurial Specialist. Todd juggled quite a lot of aspects within a few years, yet he rarely missed any court date or press appearance in his efforts to prove Michael completely innocent, that is, until the latter’s eventual Alford plea in 2017.

Where is Todd Peterson Now?

Coming to Todd Bancroft Peterson’s current whereabouts, from what we can tell, following a few years working in California, Dubai, and Mexico, he is now back in his home state to lead a relatively quiet life. He seems to be the proud President and Founder of an asset management company in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at the moment.

Nevertheless, Todd’s LinkedIn suggests he’ll soon be relocating to Miami, Florida. We should also mention that while the fitness enthusiast prefers to keep the details of his private life well away from the spotlight, it is believed that he’s still extremely close to his father and his siblings — with the exception of Caitlin Atwater.

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