Letters to Santa: Filming Locations and Cast Details

‘Letters to Santa,’ initially titled ‘Letters to Kris,’ is a John Stimpson directorial that follows estranged parents Enrique and Rebecca as they meet up for the holiday season, while young siblings Sam and Izzy can’t help but hope for them to be together again. When Santa gives them a special pen to write a letter to him about their desired Christmas gift, they make a wish true to heart. The Hallmark Channel holiday film is a heartwarming story of family, friendship, a rekindling romance, and the magic of Christmas. Accordingly, the setting of the film elevates its hopeful message, with bright and beautiful surroundings, from a picturesque family home to a cozy bookstore. Such homely settings may make you wonder where the movie was filmed and who are the actors bringing it to life.

Letters to Santa Was Shot in Massachusetts

‘Letters to Santa’ was filmed almost entirely in Massachusetts, particularly in Worcester, with a few scenes being lensed in Princeton and Auburn. Filming took place in late April of 2023 and was wrapped up in eleven days. Let’s take a closer look at the specific locations used in the movie.

Worcester, Massachusetts

Worcester is a picturesque city in central Massachusetts, with 18th-century Georgian-style buildings and rich historical locations. The filmmakers used locations in and around the city to set the scene for ‘Letters to Santa.’ Bedlam Book Café, 138 Green Street, was chosen by the film crew as a backdrop for the family’s visit to Santa, and the cheerful old man presenting the magic pen to Sam and Izzy.

Stimpson has previously made three films in the city, and used the book café as a backdrop for the second time, in ‘Letters to Santa.’ Speaking to Spectrum News about filming in the city, he said, “I love to bring productions here and I love bringing our crews, the local crews and people who come from the surrounding area, here to Worcester and show off the city.” His previous films in Worcester were ‘Christmas on Ice,‘ ‘The March Sisters at Christmas’ and ‘The Assault.’

Princeton, Massachusetts

Presenting a more nature-oriented and rural environment, Princeton is a town in Worcester County, north of the city. Its tree-lined landscape has been used for the filming of a few scenes in ‘Letters to Santa.’ The quaint town has previously been used for the filming of Jack Black starer ‘Shallow Hal,’ and ‘Tumbledown.’

Auburn, Massachusetts

The opening scenes of the film, featuring a breathtaking landscape were lensed at Luks Tree Farm, 38 Laurel Street. The establishment lets customers pick out a tree, chop it, and take it with them the same day. The location was scouted by Stimpson and was chosen possibly for its holiday atmosphere and scenic view. Filming took place at the farm on the 14th of April.

Letters to Santa Cast

The film is led by Venezuelan actor Rafael de la Fuente, who plays Enrique, and Katie Leclerc, who essays the character of Rebecca. While Katie has worked with Stimpson before on ‘Christmas a la Mode’, ‘Letters to Santa’ is Fuente’s first Christmas movie. You may have spotted him in ‘Antidote’ as Manuel, ‘American Horror Story’ as Picnic Guy, and ‘Empire’ as Michael Sanchez. Katie is an actor and producer who got her breakout role in ABC Family’s ‘Switched At Birth’ as Daphne Vasquez.

Over her long career, you may have seen Katie in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ as Emily, ‘Community’ as Carol, and ‘Christmas a la Mode’ as Emily White. Other cast members include Laura Cerón as Camilla, Mariana Paola Vicente as Candace, Bates Wilder as Santa, Lonnie Farmer as Mr. Hines, Taylor Pezza as Izzy, Kellen Raffaelo as Sam, Deanna Tarraza as Maria, Harry Aspinwall as Liam, Mariela Hill as Vanessa and Liliane Klein as Dr. Eaton.

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