Where Was A Good Person Filmed?

Written and directed by Zach Braff, ‘A Good Person’ is a drama movie that centers on Allison, whose life takes a turn for the worse when she gets involved in a tragic accident that takes her would-be sister-in-law’s life. The young woman with a bright future drowns in guilt and blames herself for the tragedy while seeking redemption. Several years after the accident, Allison connects with her would-be father-in-law, Daniel, who still grieves for his lost daughter but does his best to raise his teenage granddaughter.

Over time, Allison and Daniel form an unlikely emotional bond that makes them realize that friendship, forgiveness, and hope can be found in unexpected places and are powerful enough to fix things between people. Loosely inspired by Braff’s own experiences, the drama movie primarily unfolds in the director’s hometown of South Orange, New Jersey. It takes us on a visual journey as Allison and Daniel navigate their relationship against different backdrops, including the residences of Daniel and Allison. So, if you wish to know where ‘A Good Person’ was filmed, allow us to fill you in on all the details!

A Good Person Filming Locations

‘A Good Person’ was filmed in New Jersey, British Columbia, and Ontario, particularly in Essex County, Bergen County, Passaic County, Morristown, Elizabeth, Vancouver, and Toronto. The principal photography for the Morgan Freeman starrer reportedly commenced in late October 2021 and wrapped up after about a month of shooting in early December. Now, without much ado, let us walk you through all the specific locations that can be spotted in the movie!

Essex County, New Jersey

Most of ‘A Good Person’ was lensed in New Jersey’s Essex County, with the Township of South Orange Village serving as the primary production location for the Florence Pugh starrer. Specifically, the scene where Nathan sits down with his father in the park was shot on location around The Pond at Meadowland Park at 333 Beech Spring Road in South Orange. The South Orange Station also features in a few sequences of the drama movie.

As for the scene where Allison looks for help and walks into Daniel, it was recorded around The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at 67 Church Street in Montclair. Moreover, various sites on the campus of Columbia High School at 17 Parker Avenue in the township of Maplewood, including the Ritzer Field, were utilized for the production of the movie.

Other Locations in New Jersey

Besides Essex County, the filming unit of ‘A Good Person’ traveled to other locations across New Jersey. While several interior scenes were shot in the Rutherford borough of Bergen County, the car scene involving Allison was recorded on The New Jersey Turnpike in East Rutherford. In Passaic County, several locals and passersby spotted the cast and crew members as they taped many sequences in the city of Passaic and the Student Recreation Center at Montclair State University on Webster Road in the township of Little Falls.

Other locations in New Jersey that feature in the drama movie are Loyola Jesuit Center at 161 James Street in Morristown and Pastime Bar at 520 Bayway Avenue in Elizabeth, the latter of which has shut its doors permanently.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Additional portions of ‘A Good Person’ were reportedly taped in and around the city of Vancouver, with the director and his team setting up camp in different sites across the city. Thus, you will likely spot a few local landmarks in the backdrop of some scenes, such as the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Harbour Centre, and Living Shangri-La.

Toronto, Ontario

As per reports, Florence Pugh and the rest of the crew members were spotted in Toronto, lensing a few key sequences for ‘A Good Person.’ Over the years, Toronto has served as a prominent production location for several movies and TV shows. So, you will likely spot its locales in ‘Women Talking,’ ‘Good Will Hunting,’ and ‘The Way Home.’

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