Armageddon Time: Where Was the Movie Filmed?

Written and directed by James Gray, ‘Armageddon Time’ is a period drama movie that is loosely based on the director’s childhood during the 1980s. The narrative follows an American Jewish student named Paul Graff, who is caught smoking cannabis with his African-American friend, Johnny. Following this incident, Paul is made to go to his elder brother’s private school, which is run by Maryanne Trump. Even though Paul is subjected to a significant amount of prejudice, his family stands by him and tries to fully support him through it all.

The coming-of-age story depicts the importance of having a supportive family, which makes the movie an educational and important watch. With stellar performances from some big Hollywood names, including Anne Hathaway, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Banks Repeta, Jeremy Strong, and Jaylin Webb, the viewers remain hooked on the film. Moreover, the setting of the 1980s and the use of different locations, including the private school, make one wonder where ‘Armageddon Time’ was shot. If you are one such curious soul, we have got you covered!

Armageddon Time Filming Locations

‘Armageddon Time’ was filmed in New Jersey and New York, specifically in Hudson County, Teaneck, and New York City. The original plan was to begin shooting the movie in early 2021. However, after a few months of delay, the principal photography ultimately commenced in October 2021 and wrapped up in November of the same year. Now, without further ado, let’s traverse the specific sites that appear in the Anne Hathaway-starrer!

Hudson County, New Jersey

Many pivotal scenes for ‘Armageddon Time’ were lensed in Hudson County, the most densely populated county in New Jersey. In particular, Jersey City, the county seat of the county and the second-most populous city in New Jersey, served as a primary production location for the drama film. Moreover, the production team utilized the locales of the city of Bayonne as well.

Teaneck, New Jersey

For shooting purposes, the filming unit of ‘Armageddon Time’ also traveled to Teaneck, a township in New Jersey’s Bergen County. A private house at Vandelinda Avenue was used to tape some key scenes for the movie. Although just a single property was in use, the entire residential block between Palmer Avenue and Palisade Avenue was used for parking production trucks. Moreover, the house just across the street served as a green room during the day.

New York City, New York

Major portions of ‘Armageddon Time’ were recorded in New York City, where most of the story is set. Queens and Manhattan are a couple of sites that served as pivotal production locations for the film. A few exterior shots were lensed on location around the Glade Arch in Central Park on East Side between 77th and East 78th Street, Utopia Parkway, 69th Avenue, and Fresh Meadow Lane in Fresh Meadows, Queens. The cast and crew were also spotted taping some sequences in Flushing Meadows Corona Park between Grand Central Parkway and Van Wyck Expressway in the northern part of Queens.

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