Where Was Chang Can Dunk Filmed?

Written and helmed by Jingyi Shao, Disney+’s ‘Chang Can Dunk’ is a teen sports drama movie that focuses on the inspirational underdog coming-of-age story of an unpopular 16-year-old Asian-American highschooler named Chang at the fictional Cresthill High School. Despite his love for basketball, he lacks the physical abilities to become a player, and most importantly, slam dunk. Determined to win over his crush Kristy, Chang ends up betting the high school basketball star Matt that he would be able to dunk by Homecoming. This bet sparks some much-needed motivation in Chang to finally get the attention and respect he desires from his peers, and makes him work hard with a trainer named De-Andre.

Along the way, Chang learns more about himself, his family, and his best friends. The basketball movie features impressive onscreen performances from some talented young actors and actresses, including Bloom Li, Ben Wang, Dexter Darden, Chase Liefeld, Eric Anthony Lopez, and Nile Bullock. Furthermore, the high school scenes likely make you take a trip down memory lane as you reminisce about your teen years. But at the same time, the backdrop of the fictional Cresthill High School must make you wonder where ‘Chang Can Dunk’ was actually shot. In that case, we have got you covered!

Chang Can Dunk Filming Locations

‘Chang Can Dunk’ was filmed entirely in Connecticut, specifically in Stamford, Stratford, Bridgeport, and Milford. As per reports, the principal photography was supposed to begin in October 2021 but it got preponed. So, it commenced in September 2021 and wrapped up in early December of the same year. So, let’s follow Chang in his transformational journey and find out all about the specific sites that make an appearance in the Disney+ movie!

Stamford, Connecticut

A major part of ‘Chang Can Dunk’ was lensed in Stamford, where the filming unit reportedly spent more than a month’s time shooting. The Westhill High School at 125 Roxbury Road in Stamford was transformed into the fictional Cresthill High School as the crew redecorated several areas of the school, including the gymnasium, hallways, courtyard, exteriors, and football field. Interestingly enough, the actual student band members and basketball players served as extras while the shooting mostly took place on weekdays when the classes were not in session.

As for the scenes involving Chang’s house and Matt’s house, they were recorded inside the actual properties of a few local residents of Stamford. Moreover, several key portions of ‘Chang Can Dunk’ were shot on location in and around Boy’s & Girl’s Club of Stamford at 347 Stillwater Avenue and Stamford Town Center at 100 Greyrock Plaza, both in Stamford.

Stratford, Connecticut

Stratford, a town in Connecticut’s Fairfield County, also served as one of the pivotal production locations for ‘Chang Can Dunk.’ In particular, the production team reportedly set up camp in Frank Scott Bunnell High School at 1 Bulldog Boulevard in Stratford for a total of four days while there was the annual Cavalcade of Bands competition going on in the school. Moreover, the school’s actual marching band and athletic facilities feature in many shots of the film.

Other Locations in Connecticut

For shooting purposes, the cast and crew members of ‘Chang Can Dunk’ also traveled to other locations across Connecticut. During the filming process, they were spotted recording a few key scenes in Bridgeport, the most populous municipality in the state. Moreover, some sequences for the film were taped in the coastal city of Milford.

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