Hallmark’s Spring Breakthrough: All Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Image Credit: Dan Anderson/Hallmark Media

Hallmark’s ‘Spring Breakthrough’ centers on Monica, a single mother who loses her 20-year-long job and finds herself amidst a midlife crisis. Her daughter Vivian wants Monica to meet her fiance and his family. Monica travels to the dreamy destination and comes across a charming stranger. Even though she has a lot on her plate, the new man in her life makes her forget all her worries for a little while.

The romantic movie is helmed by Mykelti Williamson, and one of its highlights is the otherworldly and mystical backdrop that perfectly fits the heartwarming cinematic piece. If you want to know where the movie was filmed, let us walk you through all the major locations.

Spring Breakthrough Filming Locations

‘Spring Breakthrough’ was filmed in Alabama, particularly in Fairhope, around March 2023. Most filmmakers prefer to shoot here due to its diverse range of landscapes that provide a unique backdrop for a getaway-themed movie. Moreover, the southern hospitality, music scene, sports culture, rural areas, and recreational activities make it an even more attractive location. Now, let’s look at the specific spots where they recorded the movie.

Fairhope, Alabama

The crew lensed the most pivotal sequences in Fairhope, a popular tourist destination and a city with extraordinary culture and history. The founders of the city were writers, artists, and intellectuals who wanted to establish a cultural hub in Alabama. The place is also renowned for its beautiful parks, such as the 104-acre Weeks Bay Reserve, the Fairhope Municipal Pier, and the Marietta Johnson Museum and Organic School.

As reports suggest, the team captured some segments in Point Clear, a local community that is a short drive away from Fairhope. Here, they utilized the Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa, Autograph Collection, a luxurious hotel for spending your vacations in ultra-comfort and grandeur. It is situated at One Grand Boulevard in Point Clear, and the entire cast resided here throughout the filming period. They found the place to be gorgeous, with some of the best delicacies.

They also taped scenes in the surrounding area, such as the salon, beach, and cabanas near the pool. You can also spot Bucky’s Lounge, a diner which is located inside the hotel itself. Lastly, Lakewood Golf Club also served as a filming location in the movie, and it is stationed at 5190 Lakewood Drive in Fairhope. Other romantic movies that were shot here are ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things‘ and ‘Coffee Shop.’

Spring Breakthrough Cast

The Hallmark movie features Keesha Sharp in the lead as Monica Rollins. The actress is known for her portrayal of Demetria in ‘A Christmas Surprise’ and Dr. Paula Wick in ‘Empire.’ Rhyon Nicole Brown essays the character of Monica’s daughter, Vivian, with ease. You might recognize the actress from ‘Empire’ as Maya and ‘Our Kind Of People’ as Lauren Dupont. Demetrius Grosse portrays the role of Clark Randall in the romantic flick. He can be seen in projects like ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ as Josiah LaRoux and ‘Strong Enough’ as Shane.

The cast also ensembles of Charlie Q. Smith as Sierra, Topher Fredd as Tyson Norwood, Akono Dixon as Shawn, Alfred E. Rutherford as Anton, Sarah S. Fisher as Heather, and Aria Celeste Castillo as Denise Johnson. Other actors in supporting roles include Laticia A King as Denise Johnson, Brasai Butler as Willa, Jason Earl James Bazmore as Forrest, and Schwanda Winston as Joy.

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