Hallmark’s Unexpected Grace: All Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Hallmark’s ‘Unexpected Grace’ is a feel-good drama movie helmed by Linda-Lisa Hayter. It follows the story of Grace, who finds a balloon with a sweet message from Toni, another young girl. The write-up is an invitation to a friendship. So, being new in town, Grace responds to it. The interaction opens the door to unexpected relationships and events that transform three people’s lives. The lively backdrop and picturesque sites elevated the movie’s dramatic and thrilling appeal. If you loved watching this cinematic beauty, and are curious to find out where it was filmed, here’s all you need to know!

Unexpected Grace Filming Locations

The principal photography of ‘Unexpected Grace’ took place in British Columbia, notably in Vancouver. The crew was reportedly filming in the westernmost Canadian province around December 2022. The seaport city serves as a filming location for a multitude of movies and TV shows because it’s cost-effective, abundant with new talent, and brimming with diverse landscapes.

Hallmark films are often lensed here due to all the aforementioned reasons; thus, it is not surprising that the production team of ‘Unexpected Grace’ also seized the opportunity. So, without any further ado, let’s look at the specific filming locations.

Vancouver, British Columbia

All the pivotal sequences of ‘Unexpected Grace’ were purportedly filmed in Vancouver, also known as the Hollywood of the North. The Rain City is known amongst movie makers for its skilled movie technicians, availability of both natural and modern filming sites, generous tax incentives, and top-notch production studios. As seen in the film, Vancouver doubles as Ashland, a city in Oregon. Similarly, it has also stood in for several other locations, such as Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose.

The crew was supposedly capturing sequences amidst deep snow and extreme cold, but they still kept their spirits high in order to complete the filming. Moreover, actor Michael Rady revealed in an interview that he caught up with his friends from the industry during the movie’s filming.

The city’s famous shooting sites include Marine Building, Campbell River, Vancouver Art Gallery, and Hatley Castle. However, if you’re visiting Vancouver as a tourist, you must check out the Greenville Island Public Market, The Aquabus, Stanley Park, and Granville Island. Some other Hallmark movies filmed in the vibrant city are ‘Once Upon a Holiday,’ ‘Christmas Joy,’ and ‘Road to Christmas.’

Unexpected Grace Cast

Michael Rady is a renowned actor who plays the role of Jack in the Hallmark movie. You might know the actor from ‘Chicago Med‘ as Dr. Matt Cooper and ‘Magnum P.I.‘ as Chris Childs. Erica Durance is a talented actress who essays the character of Noelle, Toni’s mother. She is widely recognized for playing Lois Lane in ‘Smallville’ and Dr. Alex Reid in ‘Saving Hope.’ Erica Tremblay portrays Grace, the hopeful girl who receives the letter. She is a young actress, well-known for starring as Izzy Kingston in ‘Before I Fall‘ and Lucy in ‘Extinction.’

Sophia Powers also graces the screen as Toni, the beautiful little girl who crafts the message. She rose to fame after fulfilling the role of Fox in ‘Son of a Critch.’ The supporting actors also comprise Vincent Gale as Chris, Dean Marshall as Jerry, Glen Gordon as Owen, Trevor Carroll as Mr. Brown, and Eva Brooke Baker as Maya. Other talented members of the cast include David Attar as Brian, Winson Won as Process Server, Addison Jones as Liv, and Rebecca Jane Todd as Emily.

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