Lifetime’s Chaos on the Farm: Every Shooting Location and Cast Detail

Image Credit: Lifetime

Lifetime’s ‘Chaos On The Farm’ chronicles the story of Jessica, a woman who mourns the loss of her mother, and while doing so, she visits her aunt and uncle’s farm to reunite with her family. Their farm seems too good to be true, and Jessica’s hunch becomes a reality when she discovers dark secrets about her extended family. The thriller movie is directed by Derek Sulek and features multiple eccentric backdrops from the countryside, along with eerie and dark sites. If the movie’s visuals left a lasting impression on you, then here are some more details about the same.

Chaos On The Farm: Where Was it Filmed?

The principal photography for the movie occurred in California, specifically in Los Angeles. Filming commenced on October 10, 2022, and wrapped up on October 23, 2022. The Western state is preferred by filmmakers due to its Mediterranean climate, which remains sunny for much of the year. The attractive tax incentives are greatly beneficial to production companies and help them save thousands of dollars on a project. So without further ado, let’s glimpse at the exact location.

Los Angeles, California

The crew lensed the majority of the sequences of ‘Chaos On The Farm’ in Los Angeles, the origin place of Hollywood and the center of the film industry. The golden age of movies, the birthplace of independent cinema, and the rise of digital filmmaking can all be accredited to the city’s rich history.

It is an ideal place to shoot a movie like ‘Chaos On The Farm’ because it’s easy to find a rural setting, hire prop houses, and rent from companies that specialize in providing authentic equipment for displaying a farm and ranch-like backdrop. Moreover, Los Angeles also houses experienced and talented professionals who can be trusted with customizing a location as per the project’s requirements.

Even though there are not many farmhouses within the city, there are multiple open spaces, parks, and rural sites that can be utilized by the filmmakers. Some locations that can double as countryside with a little touch-up include The Angeles National Forest, Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, Oak Glen, and Heritage Park. Other thriller projects that were captured in the Golden Gate City are ‘The Night Agent’ and ‘Bullet Train.’

Chaos On The Farm Cast

The Lifetime movie features Brook Sill as Jessica, who’s caught amidst the estranged family. The actress is known for her portrayal of Estelle in ‘Cobra Kai’ and Brenda in ‘Stranger Things.’ Billy Armstrong essays the character of Sam in this thrilling flick. You might recognize him from ‘Magnum P.I.’ as Stan Peters and ‘How I Met Your Murderer’ as Henry. The supporting cast comprises talented actors like Dorian Gregory as Sheriff Hank, Ren Hanami as Kathy, and Clare Kramer as Susan. The film also includes Audrey Looye as Darlene, Michael Perl as Kurt, and Stephen Wu as Ben.

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