Where Was Lifetime’s Holiday In Santa Fe Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Every year, with It’s A Wonderful Lifetime series, Lifetime brings to viewers a large variety of hearty Christmas movies to indulge in. ‘Holiday In Santa Fe’ is one such fun-filled movie, directed by Jody Margolin Hahn. The story follows siblings — Tony and Magdalena, who run Casa de Milagro, their family-owned business of holiday ornaments and decor in Santa Fe. Inspired by Mexican Christmas traditions, the shop items are designed by their family matriarch, Milagro Ortega. On the other hand, we have Belinda, who works at Warm Wishes — one of the largest retail chains for holiday decor.

When Milagro suddenly passes away, Belinda arrives in Santa Fe to try and acquire the business. However, as she begins spending time with Tony, Belinda begins to realize the true sentiments behind his family business as well as her feelings for him. Set against a charming Mexican backdrop, the movie highlights the value of family and the beauty of love in a visually delightful way. In case you are wondering where ‘Holiday In Santa Fe’ was filmed, you’ve found an ally in us. Let’s find out together!

Holiday In Santa Fe Filming Locations

The production team of ‘Holiday In Santa Fe’ filmed the movie entirely on location in regions of New Mexico, particularly Santa Fe. Principal photography commenced on April 2, 2021, and completed on April 16 of the same year. The cast and crew enjoyed their stay in the state and frequently shared pictures of the behind-the-scenes fun on social media. New Mexico has great potential as a film location, given its contrasting picturesque landscapes that range from arid deserts to forested mountains, as well as the historical architecture and cultural diversity.

The state has a rapidly growing film industry, and film and television productions contribute majorly to its economy. Albuquerque, Bonanza Creek Ranch, Las Vegas, Acoma Sky City, and the Gilman Tunnels are some of the prominent filming sites in New Mexico. TV shows like ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Better Call Saul,’ and ‘Breaking Bad,’ as well as movies like ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ ‘No Country For Old Men,’ and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ were filmed in the state. Here is a closer look at the exact filming locations of ‘Holiday In Santa Fe.’

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The capital city of New Mexico, Santa Fe is filled with historic landmarks like the New Mexico History Museum, Georgia O’Keefe Museum, and various art galleries and installations. ‘Holiday In Santa Fe’ was filmed authentically in Santa Fe, and magically captures the culture and liveliness of the city. In fact, in an interview with Albuquerque Journal in December 2021, producer Mark Roberts said that the film was purposefully planned to be filmed around The Plaza, which is the city’s historic town square. Therefore, The Plaza served as a major filming site for ‘Holiday In Santa Fe.’

Known as the heart of Santa Fe, the architectural landmark is a popular tourist hotspot and a hub of musical and cultural events like the annual Fiestas de Santa Fe. The crew also filmed a few scenes at The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, a historical church in downtown Santa Fe, built between 1869 and 1886 with Romanesque Revival style architecture. Another likely filming site for the movie is the area near the famous Copper Donkey statue in Burro Alley, a historic street at the north end of West Palace Avenue. Movies like ‘Red Dawn’ and ‘News Of The World’ were also filmed in Santa Fe.

Holiday In Santa Fe Cast

Renowned actor Mario Lopez plays Tony Ortega, who tries to save his beloved family business from being taken over by retail giant Warm Wishes. Emeraude Toubia stars opposite him as Belinda Sawyer, an executive from Warm Wishes, who comes to Santa Fe to acquire the Ortega family’s business, but ends up falling for Tony. Lopez is known for the hit TV series ‘Saved By The Bell’ and as the anchor of the entertainment news program ‘Access Hollywood.’ Meanwhile, Toubia is recognized for her performance in the television series ‘Shadowhunters’ and the movie ‘Love In The Sun.’

‘Holiday In Santa Fe’ also features Aimee Garcia as Tony’s sister Magdalena Ortega and Efrain Figueroa as their father Jose Ortega, as well as Lopez’s real-life daughter Gia Lopez as Frankie Ortega. Other cast members include Hank Chen (Kevin), GiGi Erneta (Jennifer Sawyer), Zoe Yeoman (Lilian Booth), Scott Evans (Matt), Don Most (Mr. Rogers), Rick Najera (Walt), Rodney Rinks (Santa Ham Toss), and Mimi Fletcher (Victoria).

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