Where Was Lifetime’s My Son Didn’t Do It Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Originally titled ‘Catfish Murder,’ Lifetime’s ‘My Son Didn’t Do It’ is a crime thriller drama movie directed by Soran Mardookhi that follows a single mother who leads a successful career and tries her best to maintain a well-balanced life by taking time out for her family as well. Her seemingly perfect life turns upside down when her shy teenage son gets accused and arrested for the murder of a young woman he met online.

Believing her son to be falsely accused of the crime, the single mom attempts to prove his innocence herself. Given the backdrops of the school, her residence, and other snow-covered locales, the viewers try to figure out where ‘My Son Didn’t Do It’ was shot. If you have been scratching your head over the same, allow us to help you out!

My Son Didn’t Do It Filming Locations

‘My Son Didn’t Do It’ was filmed in its entirety in British Columbia, particularly in and around Kelowna. According to reports, principal photography for the thriller film commenced in December 2022 and seemingly wrapped up by the end of the same month. Now, without much ado, let’s traverse through all the specific locations that feature in the Lifetime movie!

Kelowna, British Columbia

The shooting for almost all the pivotal sequences of ‘My Son Didn’t Do It’ took place in the city of Kelowna, situated on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. The production team set up camp in various streets and neighborhoods as they were spotted by locals and passersby recording important scenes against suitable backdrops. The snow-covered locales of Kelowna were made the most of by the filming unit as it enhances the movie’s chilling theme of murder.

As for the scenes set in the high school, they were supposedly lensed in one of the actual institutional establishments located in and around the city of Kelowna. It is also a possibility that some of the interior portions were taped on a sound stage or two of one of the film studios in the city. Given the city’s alarming crime rates over the past decade or so, it served as the ideal backdrop for a crime thriller movie such as ‘My Son Didn’t Do It.’

Kelowna is home to several landmarks and attractions, including Kelowna Art Gallery, Big White Ski Resort, Okanagan Wineries, Prospera Place, and the William R. Bennett Bridge, some of which you might be able to notice in the backdrop of a few scenes. Apart from ‘My Son Didn’t Do It,’ the city’s locales have hosted the production of a number of movies and TV shows over the years, including ‘Daughter of the Wolf,’ ‘Mother’s Stolen Memories,’ ‘A Wife’s Nightmare,’ ‘My Mom Made Me Do It,’ and ‘A Sister’s Nightmare.’

My Son Didn’t Do It Cast

In the Lifetime film, Gina Holden essays the role of the single mother whose son gets accused of murdering a woman. The Smithers-born actress has been bagging some prominent roles in various popular movies for almost a couple of decades, which is the reason why she seems recognizable to many of the viewers. Throughout her long acting career, she has been featured in ‘Final Destination 3,’ ‘Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem,’ ‘The Butterfly Effect 2,’ ‘Saw 3D,’ ‘Where’s My Baby,’ ‘Boy in the Attic,’ ‘Kidnapped to the Island,’ and ‘Assault on VA-33.’ Though not much is known about the role that Jason Cermak plays in the thriller movie, one thing is certain he plays a vital role in the film.

Starting out featuring in a bunch of short films, Cermak began making his mark on the big screen in the early 2010s. Ever since then, he has been featured in different sorts of films and TV shows, such as ‘Common Chord,’ ‘In My Dreams,’ ‘Where’s My Baby,’ ‘Death of a Vegas Showgirl,’ ‘V.C. Andrews’ Heaven,’ and ‘Home Before Dark.’ Several other cast members play key and supporting roles in the movie, including Zoë Christie as Gia Parker, Stephanie Izsak as Judy, Quinten James as Taylor Parker, Kayden Boisclair as Lucas, Kennedy Rowe as Sophia Bliss, Timothy Wallace as the Local Reporter, Blake Williams as Miles, and Ashley Wood as Delaney. Moreover, Panta Mosleh and Paul Vos feature in the Lifetime movie as well.

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