Lifetime’s The Pregnancy Promise: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Jose Montesinos, Lifetime’s ‘The Pregnancy Promise’ is a thriller movie about two 17-year-old friends, Lucy and Skye. When both teenage girls fall pregnant simultaneously, their friendship and the bond between their families are strained. However, this is far from the only concern for Skye, as she soon starts to believe that someone might be tampering with her birth control. Unsure of what this might mean, she soon starts to feel like things might be much worse than she had initially thought.

Given the Lifetime movie‘s stellar cast and thrilling storyline, it is natural that people are appreciative of the work the director and his team have done by bringing such intriguing characters to life. Furthermore, the viewers have heaped much praise on the fast-paced visuals and sinister backdrops, which have enhanced the narrative and helped viewers fully immerse themselves in the story. Naturally, people are curious just where ‘The Pregnancy Promise’ was filmed, and we are here to share what we know about the same!

The Pregnancy Promise Filming Locations

‘The Pregnancy Promise’ was filmed in Ohio, especially in and around Columbus. The principal photography for the movie seemingly took place in September 2022, with Patrick Hubbard serving as the cinematographer. Given Ohio’s diverse and scenic landscape that beautifully combines urban elements and natural beauty, it served as an ideal backdrop for the movie. Now, let’s explore all the specific places that can be spotted in the Lifetime thriller!

Columbus, Ohio

Most pivotal portions of ‘The Pregnancy Promise’ were lensed in Columbus, Ohio’s capital. The cast and crew seemingly traveled across the state’s most populous city to shoot scenes against different backdrops. For instance, some parts were reportedly taped in or near Briggs High School, at 2555 Briggs Road. Interestingly, the school’s cheerleading squad and the boys’ basketball team appear in a few scenes of the movie. Moreover, the making of the Lifetime movie seems to have served as an enjoyable experience for many of its cast members.

For instance, actress Rachel Whittle was happy to share her excitement about working alongside director Jose Montesinos. He also seems to have had a blast while helming this particular project. Talking about the same in an Instagram post, the filmmaker stated that despite numerous challenges and rough times during the shooting schedule, he and his team managed to pull through and complete the project successfully. Montesinos even appreciated the young cast members who helped bring the characters to life.

Columbus has a well-developed infrastructure that favors film and TV projects. Established in 1812, the city is named after Christopher Columbus, who is often credited to be the first-known European to have traveled to the Americas. Columbus is home to a diverse population that works hard and contributes to the region’s growing economy and infrastructure.

As for choosing Columbus as a production location, it has many scenic spots like the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and the Columbus Museum of Art. Over the years, the city has been featured in the backdrop of many movies, such as ‘Bones and All‘ and ‘Air Force One.’ The city has several hi-tech film studios, including Horizons at 4000 Horizons Drive and Brainstorm Media at 1423 Goodale Boulevard.

The Pregnancy Promise Cast

The talented Alexandra Swanbeck essays the role of Skye in ‘The Pregnancy Promise.’ Swanbeck’s work in ‘My Terrorized Teen’ and ‘Breaking Them Up’ has helped her gain many admirers. On the other hand, Macy Jacob portrays Lucy in the Lifetime movie. The actress is well-known for her roles in movies like ‘I Heard You Buy Souls’ and ‘Gore: All Hallows Eve.’

Additionally, Rachel Whittle plays Diane, while Adam Alpert appears as Jake Dawson. Other cast members include Amy Gamper (Kathy Dawson), Lauren Jean (Brooke), Oscar Mansky (Aaron), and Olivia Noel (Amber). Moreover, Wynn Reichert (Mayor Adams), Gabriella Schaefer (Tracey), Philip Schaefer (Ron), and James Sutton (Charles Simmons) can be seen in pivotal roles in the Jose Montesinos directorial.

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