Where Was Lifetime’s You Can Never Go Home Again Filmed? Is it a True Story?

Directed by Bobby Peoples and Renee S. Warren Peoples, ‘You Can Never Go Home Again’ is a gripping thriller movie on Lifetime. It follows Izzy, who is coping with the loss of her mother, renowned artist May Malcolm. To begin afresh, she and her husband Jack relocate to his hometown of Clinton, Mississippi, with their daughter Taylor. However, things take an ugly turn when Jack begins having an affair with Taylor’s teacher Emma. When he tries to end it, she kidnaps Jack and Taylor and tries to take Izzy’s place in the family.

A troubled Izzy now must put up her best fight to save her family before Emma’s dangerous obsession causes catastrophe. The idyllic small-town backdrop adds an intriguing element to its fast-paced narrative. Moreover, it invokes a sense of unpredictable thrill and anticipation. If you are wondering where this unique movie was filmed, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

You Can Never Go Home Again Filming Locations

‘You Can Never Go Home Again’ was filmed entirely in Mississippi AKA the Magnolia State, particularly in Clinton and Jackson. The movie was originally titled ‘Teacher’s Watching’ during production. Principal photography for the movie most likely commenced in late January 2021 and wrapped up in the first half of February 2021. Now, let’s get a closer look at the filming sites.

Clinton, Mississippi

‘You Can Never Go Home Again’ was primarily taped in Clinton, a city in Hinds County. Being the place where the storyline is originally set, it adds an authentic element to the scenes. The production team filmed specifically at the intersection of Jefferson and West Leake Streets, and around major landmarks in the city. Furthermore, over thirty locals were hired as extras in the movie. Clinton was founded in 1823 and has witnessed major historical events over the years. It is also the birthplace of numerous famous personalities from the fields of sports, entertainment, music, business, and education.

Clinton is home to the reputed sports teams Mississippi College Choctaws and Clinton Arrows. In addition, the comedy TV series ‘Lowest Bidders’ and the movie ‘The Client’ have also been filmed in the city.

Jackson, Mississippi

Important parts of ‘You Can Never Go Home Again’ were seemingly lensed in Jackson, particularly the portions set in school. The capital city of Mississippi is located in Hinds County, with its eastern border mostly lined by the Pearl River. The city held great relevance during the civil rights movement, which is reflected in its various historic landmarks like Medgar Evers Home Museum, Mississippi State Capitol, Battlefield Park, and Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. Often called “The City with Soul,” Jackson has majorly contributed to the world of music and performing arts. Movies like ‘The Help,’ ‘Assimilate,’ and ‘Borat‘ were filmed in the city.

You Can Never Go Home Again Cast

Maria Breese leads the cast as Izzy. The talented actress is known for her roles in the TV series ‘Project Hollywood,’ ‘All Wrong,’ and ‘SuperHero Diaries.’ Omar Gooding plays Izzy’s husband, Jack. Gooding portrays notable characters in several TV series and films like ‘Barbershop,’ ‘Family Time,’ and ‘Christmas Belles.’

Jackie Moore essays the role of Emma, a teacher who is dangerously obsessed with Jack. Some of Moore’s well-known works include the movies ‘Party from Hell,’ ‘Wanton Want,’ and ‘Nightmare Best Friend.’ Other cast members in this Lifetime film are Al Sapienza (Chuck Fletcher), Liliana Ali (Taylor), Matt McVay (Kyle Prater), Deborah Rennard (May Malcolm), Sherri Eakin (Natalie Jensen), Princess Elmore (Olivia), and Jeremy Sande (Byron Boyd).

Is You Can Never Go Home Again a True Story?

No, ‘You Can Never Go Home Again’ is not based on a true story. However, the somewhat realistic narrative can be credited to the writers Harel Goldstein, Charles Morris Jr., and Rebecca Weaver. The script brilliantly captures actual aspects of human life, such as infidelity in marriages, loss of a parent, and obsession. Moreover, the movie most likely draws from true-crime incidents where women kidnapped and murdered their lover’s spouses.

The narrative also explores the fragile yet strong nature of marital relationships, which often withstand the tests of time and loyalty. It further focuses on the impact of cheating on a marriage, which is, unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons for divorces in the USA. According to the Institute for Family Studies, 16% of all people engage in adultery while being married. In elaboration, 20% of married men and 13% of married women have committed acts of adultery at least once in their lives.

These alarming numbers indicate that infidelity is indeed a serious matter and makes one ponder upon the reasons why a person is unfaithful. Some of these reasons include lack of emotional support from the partner due to personal struggles, which is carefully examined in this Lifetime movie. Jack feels neglected by Izzy, as she has a hard time accepting her mother’s death. Thus, he seeks solace in his daughter’s teacher, which leads to disastrous consequences for him and his family.

But when Izzy realizes Emma’s intentions, she bravely faces her trauma and decides to save her family. To conclude, even though the movie’s storyline is not based on an actual incident, it mirrors reality with a hint of fiction made possible by the stellar performances.

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