Where Was Negan? Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan Back on The Walking Dead?

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The eleventh season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead’ witnesses Negan teaming up with Maggie and a few other Alexandrians to gather food supplies from Meridian to deal with the shortage in Alexandria. Even though their tumultuous past affects Negan and Maggie’s companionship, they succeed in defeating the Reapers and collecting the food supplies.

However, Negan decides to continue his journey forward alone since he realizes that Maggie may exact vengeance on him for killing her husband. As the viewers patiently awaited Negan’s return, the thirteenth episode of season 11 offers a significant development concerning the intricate character. Let’s take a look! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where Was Negan? Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan Back on The Walking Dead?

Yes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is back on ‘The Walking Dead.’ When Negan witnesses Maggie’s rage against the Reapers, he understands that the same can be directed towards him one day for killing Maggie’s husband Glenn. On the way back to Alexandria, Negan tells Maggie that he doesn’t wish to provoke her with his presence and walks away from the group that returns to the community. He begins his journey without a destination in mind, only to end up in a religious group.

In the thirteenth episode of season 11, when Aaron and Gabriel accompany Toby Carlson to the religious group, Negan is part of the community. Even though he initially misunderstands his former companions as part of the opposition, Negan comes to realize that they are fighting Carlson just like his fellow group members. Negan saves Gabriel and ensures Maggie’s help to deal with the impending chaos. His quick thinking pays off when Maggie, Lydia, and Elijah reach the building to save Gabriel. Negan and Gabriel may try to unite with Maggie, Aaron, and others to defeat the ruthlessness of Carlson.

When Negan parts ways upon defeating the Reapers, he isn’t concerned about anything except his existence. Other than the innumerable walkers, Negan doesn’t face any enemies amid his journey. Negan’s only concern becomes his day-to-day survival. However, Carlson’s arrival as the representative of the Commonwealth and Lance changes Negan’s direction of life. He comes across the presence of a greater and mightier threat, potentially influencing him to reconsider his decision regarding being a lone wolf. He may think about joining Aaron and Gabriel for the time being to ensure that the Commonwealth isn’t looking forward to the death of his “friends.”

In the fourteenth episode of the eleventh season, we may see Negan and Maggie joining hands again to see the end of Carlson as a threat. Since Gabriel and Aaron may decide against returning to the Commonwealth for their safety, they may join Maggie to find an abode at Hilltop, likely with Negan as well. Maggie may consider Carlson’s actions as the true nature of the Commonwealth, making her take precautions against the Commonwealth army. Considering the hopeless state of Hilltop, Negan and others may offer their alliance to Maggie to protect her and her community.

If that’s the case, it’s time for Negan and Maggie to assure each other that they will prioritize the fight they have in front of them rather than trying to kill each other. Carlson’s potential defeat may motivate Lance to move forward with his mysterious plans soon, especially before Pamela comes to know about the misuse of the resources, which may lead him to Hilltop to capture the community.

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