Netflix’s Love Tactics: All Shooting Locations of the Turkish Movie

The Emre Kabakuşak directorial, Netflix’s ‘Love Tactics’ is a Turkish romantic comedy movie that follows two drastically different individuals — a young fashion blogger named Asli who thinks that she has men all figured out and a charming ad executive named Kerem who wants nothing serious then it comes to relationships. However, one thing that makes them similar is the fact that they both don’t believe in love.

When Asli and Kerem place a bet to make the other fall head over heels in love, they resort to some unusual tactics. What they didn’t expect was to actually fall in love in the process. The comedy film unfolds in Istanbul and Cappadocia as the protagonists go to some unexpected lengths and navigate various locations while trying to win the bet. So, it is understandable why the viewers wonder where ‘Love Tactics’ was filmed.

Love Tactics Filming Locations

‘Love Tactics’ was filmed entirely in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul and Nevsehir. The principal photography for the rom-com movie reportedly commenced in early July 2021 and seemingly wrapped up in a month or so, in August of the same year. Now, without further ado, let’s traverse through all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Netflix movie!

Istanbul, Turkey

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Love Tactics’ were lensed in and around Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. Serving as the cultural, economic, and historic hub of the country, Istanbul also served as the primary production location for the movie as the filming unit made the most of the vast and diverse terrains of the city. All the interior scenes, involving the residences and workplaces of the protagonists, were supposedly taped inside actual establishments and properties.

It is also a possibility that the production team utilized the facilities of one of the film studios situated in and around the city for the production of a few sequences. As far as the exterior and aerial shots are concerned, they were recorded in different parts of Istanbul against suitable backdrops. So, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise to you if you are able to spot several tourist attractions and establishments in the backdrop of some key scenes of ‘Love Tactics.’

Some of the prominent sites that might make a minor appearance in the background are the Bosphorus Bridge, the Maiden’s Tower, Hagia Sophia, the Galata Tower, the Grand Bazaar, and the Grand Avenue of Pera. Apart from the Netflix film, Istanbul has hosted the production of a number of movies and TV shows over the years. Some of the notables ones are ‘You Do You,’ ‘Mr. Wrong,’ ‘The Rebound,’ ‘Daydreamer,’ ‘You Knock on My Door,’ ‘Love for Rent,’ and ‘Love Doesn’t Understand Words.’

Nevşehir, Turkey

Lying within the historical region of Cappadocia, Nevşehir is another filming site that features quite heavily in ‘Love Tactics.’ It is situated in Turkey’s Central Anatolia Region and served as a prominent production location for several key sequences, including the hot air balloon scene where Kerem brings Asli blindfolded, who is caught by surprise when she realizes that she is thousands of feet above the ground. Several drone and exterior shots of the city also reveal the attractions that Nevşehir houses, such as Kurşunlu Mosque, The Hagios Georgios Church, Nevşehir Football Stadium, Nevşehir Castle, and Disused Church of the Virgin Mary.

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