Where Was Nickelodeon’s A Loud House Christmas Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Combining the thrill of realism with the joy of the holiday season, Nickelodeon’s ‘A Loud House Christmas’ is a live-action television film based on Chris Savino’s Emmy award-winning children’s animated series ‘The Loud House.’ While the series follows the adventures of Lincoln Loud and his large family, the holiday film explores Lincoln’s quest to preserve his family’s traditions and bring his 10 sisters together for Christmas. The film sees Wolfgang Schaeffer, Jahzir Bruno, Sophia Woodward, Lexi Janicek, and Brian Stepanek in central roles.

Christmas movies are meant to be comforting and charming, and children’s movies even more so. The backdrop of the film adds greatly to the feeling of joy and warmth one derives from watching the film’s lovable characters and their entertaining interactions. The winter wonderland landscape of Lincoln’s outdoor environment combined with his cozy indoor home life makes us want to curl up into a ball and drink hot chocolate! Clearly, the backdrop matters a lot when it comes to channeling the spirit of the holidays. Let’s take a look at ‘A Loud House Christmas’ filming locations!

A Loud House Christmas Filming Locations

‘A Loud House Christmas’ is set in the fictional town of Royal Woods, Michigan, where Lincoln resides with his family. However, the live-action was primarily shot in the cities of Atlanta and Decatur, located in Georgia. According to several reports, filming commenced in April 2021 and wrapped up by June 2021. Let’s take a closer look at these particular filming locations.

Atlanta, Georgia

‘A Loud House Christmas’ was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Affectionately known as the Hollywood of the South, the capital city of Georgia is known for its diverse natural topography, tall skyscrapers, and well-maintained neighborhoods. It comes as no surprise that the production team selected Atlanta as their filming base since the city is oft-visited by film crews due to its beneficial tax credits. The elegant residential streets of Atlanta act as the ideal locale for the Loud household, effectively portraying the wholesomeness of a close-knit urban family.

Understandably, to convincingly represent a winter landscape ideal for the spirit of Christmas, the production crew used massive amounts of crushed ice for snowfall as well as the snow-capped surroundings outside the Loud house. Christmas decorations, from lights to trees, added authenticity to this out-of-season snow. The cast was especially thrilled by this magical ice that was needed to film in the middle of spring, although they felt extremely hot in their winter wear.

Filming also took place at Blackhall Studios, located at 1415 Constitution Road Southeast. The studio, known for its nine sound stages and top-notch industry professionals, allowed the production crew to work with ease. Films like ‘Venom,’ ‘Doctor Sleep,’ and ‘Godzilla: King of The Monsters’ were filmed here as well.

Decatur, Georgia

‘A Loud House Christmas’ was also filmed in Decatur, which is located 15 minutes away from downtown Atlanta, Georgia. It is the county seat of DeKalb County, known for its Civil War relics and luscious green trails. Important scenes, especially featuring Lincoln and Clyde, were filmed at the North DeKalb Mall located precisely at 2050 Lawrenceville Highway.

Additionally, scenes were also filmed in Lithia Springs in Douglas County, Jonesboro in Clayton County, and Stone Mountain, all located within the state of Georgia. Thus, the Peach State served as the ideal filming site for ‘A Loud House Christmas,’ with the cities of Atlanta and Decatur acting as the primary backdrops.

A Loud House Christmas Cast

‘A Loud House Christmas’ sees Wolfgang Schaeffer and Jahzir Bruno in the lead roles as Lincoln Loud and Clyde McBride, respectively. Schaeffer is known for his work in ‘Criminal Minds’ whilst Bruno is recognizable from ‘Atlanta’ and ‘The Witches.’ Brian Stepanek essays the role of Lincoln’s father, Lynn Loud Senior, and Muretta Moss stars as the boy’s mother, Rita Loud. Stepanek is well-known for his roles in ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ and ‘Young Sheldon’ whereas Moss is seen in ‘Herman Jones’ and ‘Dyed, Highlighted, and Hopeful.’

Lincoln’s sisters Lisa, Luna, Luan, Lori, and Leni are played by Lexi Janicek, Sophia Woodward, Catherine Ashmore Bradley, Lexi DiBenedetto, and Dora Dolphin, respectively. Additionally, we see Aubin Bradley as Lucy, Charlotte Ann Tucker as Lily, Mia Allan as Lana, Ella Allan as Lola, and Morgan McGill as Lynn in supporting roles as the rest of Lincoln’s sisters.

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