No One Will Save You: Shooting Locations of the Sci-Fi Thriller

Image Credit: Sam Lothridge/20th Century Studios

The Brian Duffield directorial, ‘No One Will Save You,’ is a science fiction horror movie that follows a creative young woman named Brynn Adams who is exiled from her community. Despite being covered under the wraps of loneliness, Brynn manages to be hopeful as she finds some sense of comfort within the walls of her childhood home, reminiscing the happier times of her now anxiety-ridden life. On one inauspicious night, she is awakened from her slumber by some strange noises, coming from some unearthly intruders as she finds out later.

Now, Brynn faces off against a host of extraterrestrial beings who not only threaten her future but also force her to confront the demons of her past. Featuring compelling performances from a talented ensemble cast, comprising Kaitlyn Dever, Ginger Cressman, Jack Duhame, and Geraldine Singer, the horror thriller film unfolds mainly in and around the protagonist’s childhood home, which is invaded by aliens. So, if you are interested in knowing where ‘No One Will Save You’ was filmed, allow us to fill you in on all the details!

No One Will Save You Filming Locations

‘No One Will Save You’ was filmed primarily in Louisiana, especially in and around New Orleans. As per reports, principal photography for the sci-fi film got underway in April 2022 and continued for about two months, before wrapping up in June of the same year. Right before the shooting started, the COVID-19 cases rose and made things very challenging for the production department. Now, without much ado, let’s traverse through all the specific shooting sites that feature in the Hulu movie!

New Orleans, Louisiana

The shooting for most of the pivotal sequences of ‘No One Will Save You’ was carried out in New Orleans and its surrounding areas. Since it was hurricane season during the shooting schedule, it made things a bit complicated for the cast and crew. It seems that the filming unit utilized a sound stage or two for shooting some important scenes, especially the ones involving aliens. For recording several exterior portions for the horror movie, the cast and crew set up camp in different parts of the city against suitable backdrops.

Since ‘No One Will Save You’ is an alien-centered horror film, the production team had to create realistic aliens to bring the story to life, which was a challenging task for the special effects crew. Besides the practical effects and design, they had to somehow create these aliens in a way to match Kaitlyn’s character. In a September 2023 interview with MovieWeb, filmmaker Brian Duffield explained the process, “So that was the challenge — creating these guys, giving them a culture and a dialect because they’re ‘talking’ the whole movie, she just can’t understand what they’re saying, but she needs to be able to recognize patterns in their speech. So that was the most challenging part, but it was also fun. That’s why you get up in the morning. You get to design an alien religion and stuff like that.”

New Orleans’ stunning architecture and colorful atmosphere make the city one of the most stunning production locations in the country. Whether it is the historic mansions or the mysterious swamps of the Bayou, New Orleans lives up to its nickname, Hollywood South, by providing an ideal backdrop to different kinds of productions. Apart from ‘No One Will Save You,’ the locales of the Crescent City has been featured in a number of movies and TV shows, including ‘The Boogeyman,’ ‘Renfield,’ ‘Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles,’ ‘The Hunt,’ and ‘American Horror Story.’

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