Prom Pact: Where Was the Movie Filmed?

Image Credit: Eric Milner/Disney

The Anya Adams directorial, Disney+’s ‘Prom Pact,’ is a teen romance movie that follows a high school senior named Mandy Yang, whose lifelong ambition is to get into Harvard. With graduation and prom approaching, she and her best friend Ben find themselves amidst the 80s-themed Promposals while she focuses on fulfilling her dream. When Mandy gets put on the waitlist for Harvard, she decides to reach out to the most popular boy in the school, Graham Lansing, whose father is a Harvard alum and an influential senator. Hence, she becomes his tutor to get closer to him and give herself a fair shot at getting into Harvard.

As the two spend time together, Mandy realizes that Graham is not as despicable as she thought and that there is way more to life than Harvard. While Peyton Elizabeth Lee stars as Mandy alongside Blake Draper as Graham Lansing, the rom-com also features Milo Manheim, Monique A. Green, Arica Himmel, Christopher Shyer, and Chelah Horsdal in supporting roles. The story primarily unfolds in North Seattle High School, as we get a glimpse of the corridors, basketball court, and various other sites on the school campus. Naturally, you might be curious to find out the when and where of the movie’s shooting process. In that case, we have you covered!

Prom Pact Filming Locations

‘Prom Pact’ was filmed in British Columbia, particularly Metro Vancouver. Principal photography for the romantic comedy-drama movie reportedly commenced in mid-March 2022 and wrapped up in May of the same year. Now, without wasting time, let’s navigate all the specific locations where Mandy is seen navigating her teen life in the Disney+ movie!

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Prom Pact’ were lensed in Metro Vancouver or Greater Vancouver, a metropolitan area with Vancouver at its center. With the aerial shots of the cityscape regularly featured throughout the movie, the Harbour Centre sticks out along with several other skyscrapers. The production team primarily set up camp in Terry Fox Secondary School at 1260 Riverwood Gate in Port Coquitlam, which stood for North Seattle High School in the movie. They hired 50 actual school students to be extras and redecorated the school’s premises by adding posters celebrating The Bulldogs, so much so that the campus looked unrecognizable.

The basketball court, hallways, and the Terry Fox Theatre, where the high school dance scenes were recorded under dim lights, feature heavily in ‘Prom Pact.’ As per reports, the school shoot took about 13 hours per day for nearly two weeks or so. Moreover, the cast and crew members of the Disney+ production stepped out of the school and headed to downtown Port Coquitlam to tape some additional portions. They seemingly lensed a few key scenes in and around PoCo Freshmart at 2535 Shaughnessy Street and 2500 block of Maple Street.

In addition, several important portions of ‘Prom Pact’ were reportedly shot in downtown Vancouver. Apart from the Peyton Elizabeth Lee starrer, the city has hosted the production of many film and TV projects over the years. You may spot its locales in ‘She’s the Man,’ ‘Juno,’ ‘Lucky Hank,’ and ‘Animal Control.’

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