Where was Senior Year Filmed?

Image Credit: Boris Martin/Netflix

Directed by Alex Hardcastle, ‘Senior Year’ is a comedy film about Stephanie Conway. The year is 2002, and Stephanie has it all, a cheerleading position, popularity, and good looks. However, just before her senior prom, the 17-year-old falls into a coma due to a head injury. She wakes up 20 years later, as a 37-year-old woman, with a teenager mindset. Determined to live up to her dreams, Stephanie goes back to high school to finish her journey. But the world has moved on without her, and her understanding of high school dynamics is outdated at best.

Starring the talented Rebel Wilson, with Justin Hartley, Angourie Rice, and Sam Richardson, the movie is a joy to watch. One of the most attractive aspects of the film is its visual accuracy. The backdrops in the movie help portray the authentic atmosphere of a high school, no matter the time. If you want to know where ‘Senior Year’ was lensed, we have your back!

Senior Year Filming Locations

‘Senior Year’ was filmed primarily in Atlanta, Georgia. Principal photography for the movie reportedly began on May 24, 2021, and was finished on July 15, 2021. Let’s take a deep dive into more details regarding the film’s production.

Atlanta, Georgia

The capital of Georgia, Atlanta is the primary filming location for ‘Senior Year.’ The scenes set in Stephanie’s high school, known as Harding High School, were lensed in The Westminster Schools, a private school at 1424 West Paces Ferry Road North West. Established in 1951, the real-life school holds classes for Kindergarten through grade 12. Stephanie’s school building is one of the few things that did not change in the years she spent in a coma. The Westminster Schools conveys the constant presence needed in the scenario through its rustic yet ageless charm.

Another well-known location that can be seen in the movie is Grant Park and the surrounding neighborhood. Established in the late 1800s, Grant Park is the oldest city park in Atlanta. Moreover, the area surrounding it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city with a rich history. The buildings have authentic Victorian architecture, which creates a charming ambiance. While walking through the area, one can feel every one of its corners steeped in history.

With its developed infrastructure, beautiful landscape, and numerous facilities for filmmakers, Atlanta is a popular destination for filmmakers. Dubbed as Hollywood of the South, the city has hosted multiple productions, including movies like ‘The Contractor‘ and ‘Moon Knight.’

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