Where Was Sex Appeal Filmed?

Directed by Talia Osteen, Hulu’s sex comedy film ‘Sex Appeal’ looks at the adventures of Avery Hansen-White (Mika Abdalla), a high school senior. Academically brilliant but sexually inexperienced, Avery faces a problem when her boyfriend, Casper (Mason Versaw), says he’s ready to make love. Thus, in preparation, Avery creates a sex help app for a science competition. She also decides to practice foreplay with her best friend, Larson (Jake Short).

The teen movie dives deep into the world of high school and its diverse students. Avery begins to realize the importance of sex education and compassion as she spends time with her mothers, Larson, and classmates. In the film, we see a very realistic exploration of high school and the personal environments of teenagers. Naturally, many are curious about where this visually pleasing movie was filmed. Here’s everything you need to know about the locations where ‘Sex Appeal’ was shot!

Sex Appeal Filming Locations

‘Sex Appeal’ is set in a seemingly small town and focuses on Avery’s experiences at American High. According to the lead actor Mika Abdalla, the filming of the movie commenced sometime in mid-February 2021 and concluded by April 2021. Keeping in mind pandemic-related dangers, strict COVID-19 protocols were followed by the cast and crew to ensure everyone’s safety. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the specific filming locations.

Syracuse, New York

‘Sex Appeal’ was filmed in Syracuse, which is the county seat of Onondaga County in New York. In particular, Liverpool — a suburb of Syracuse — served as an important filming site for the film. Liverpool is a lakeside village known for its elegant neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and lively community; the visual beauty of the location is reflected in the teen movie as well.

The high school that is seen in the film was acquired by the production company American High in 2017 specifically to film high school comedies. American High’s current home base and Syracuse Studios — located at 800 4th Street, Liverpool — used to be A.V. Zogg Middle School. Thus, Avery’s high school looks extremely realistic because it was once an actual functional school. Most of the filming took place on the lower floor of American High.

The Osteen directorial also features delightful sexual fantasies that are portrayed in the form of synchronized swimming, fantastical rocket launches, and explorations of neon-colored tunnels. The swimming scenes were filmed at a local YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association). The cast and crew often had to battle the region’s notoriously cold climate whilst shooting on set.

Syracuse is also known for its museums, art galleries, and student-oriented events. In the film, we see that Avery is a topper who is always busy with studies. In order to share her passion for academia, Larson even buys the two of them tickets to a bioluminescence exhibition that is in town for a few weeks. Thus, Syracuse’s penchant for academia is seen in the movie as well.

Therefore, Syracuse acted as the ideal filming location for ‘Sex Appeal’ — a classic high school comedy with a wholesome twist pertaining to the destigmatization of sex —  because it is home to a production company that specializes in this specific genre. Movies like ‘Plan B,’ ‘The Binge,’ and ‘Big Time Adolescence’ were also filmed in Salt City.

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