Where Was The Interview Filmed?

‘The Interview’ is a hilarious political comedy movie that is sure to leave one in splits. Directed by comic maestros Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the film follows two top-rung American journalists who get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit North Korea and interview their leader, Kim Jong-un. Sensing this as a golden opportunity to assassinate the leader of North Korea, the CIA recruits them and sends them on a mission that soon dissolves into a comedy of errors. With the 2014 movie being primarily set in North Korea, numerous viewers have been puzzled over where was it exactly filmed. Here is all the information we have gathered!

The Interview Filming Locations

‘The Interview’ was filmed in Canada and the USA, particularly in different parts of British Columbia and New York City. Principal photography for the film began in October 2013 and wrapped up by December of the same year. Although the movie’s setting is in North Korea, filming on location in the country was not possible due to the stringent rules and regulations. So, let’s take a detailed look at the various locations where the movie was filmed!

Vancouver, British Columbia

The city of Vancouver has acted as a stand-in for numerous real-life and fictional cities over the years, as it has for ‘The Interview.’ The bustling, ethnically diverse, and picturesque city in the province of British Columbia has always been a popular destination for production crews. The popularity of the city stems from its urban metropolitan environment nestled in the lap of nature. Just a few hours of driving out into the outskirts provide directors with rolling countryside landscapes.

The filming crew of ‘The Interview’ utilized several indoor and outdoor spaces to depict North Korea. Filming took place in Gastown’s Ascot Lounge, while the Robson Square Law Courts were prepped up to stand in for Kim Jong-un’s presidential palace. Additionally, the interior of the CBC Vancouver studio, located at 700 Hamilton Street, doubled up as the Skylark Tonight newsroom, and the PNE Forum was used to film the basketball scene. Being a popular filming destination, Vancouver has also played host to production crews of ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor,’ ‘Lucifer,’ and ‘Supernatural.’

Richmond, British Columbia

Richmond is a popular filming destination in British Columbia and is known for its large Asian population. Boasting modern downtown areas to historic sites and charming villages, Richmond has a plethora of locations for film crews to choose from. The small fishing community of Finn Slough in Richmond was designed to mirror a Chinese village in ‘The Interview.’

The scene perfectly brought out the dynamic quality of Richmond’s surroundings and proved why it is such a sought-after filming site. Moreover, the Richmond night market was used as a stand-in for a local market in China. Movies and TV shows like ‘Chesapeake Shores,’ ‘Once Upon a Time,’ and ‘Bates Motel’ have also used Richmond as a backdrop.

Other Locations in British Columbia

With filming requiring the crew to visit places outside the cities of Vancouver and Richmond, ‘The Interview’ was shot on location in several sites scattered across British Columbia. The scene where Seth Rogen’s character painstakingly climbs a mountain in rural China was reportedly filmed in a location a little south of Stawamus Chief near Squamish.

The filming crew also utilized the Bridge Studios at 2400 Boundary Road in Burnaby to mirror the interiors of the CIA headquarters. You might find it interesting to know that the Pyongyang airport in the film is apparently the Abbotsford International Airport. At the same time, Britannia Beach, the Britannia Mine Museum, as well as the surrounding areas helped film some of the pivotal scenes towards the end of the movie.

New York City, New York

According to sources, some parts of the political comedy were shot in New York City. Several outdoor locations in and around the city were used as a backdrop for a few external shots. Moreover, the film also employs uncountable visual effects, with whole crowds being taken from pre-recorded footage and digitally manipulated to fit the narrative. One of, if not the most popular city in the US, New York has overseen productions of movies and TV shows like ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home,’ ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ and ‘Suits.’

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