Where Was Time For You to Come Home for Christmas Filmed? Who is in it?

Directed by Terry Ingram, ‘Time for You to Come Home for Christmas’ is a part of Christmas films on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The movie follows Katherine Moss, a woman who recently lost her husband, as she moves to her hometown with her son on account of Christmas. Soon, she chances upon a veteran named Jack Sutherland and realizes they share the same destination.

During their journey, Jack’s charm and authentic personality gradually win Katherine over, and romantic sparks fly between them. The movie naturally leaves us with a lot of warmth and cheer needed during the Christmas season. Now, we’d like to update you with everything that we know about the movie!

Time For You to Come Home for Christmas Filming Locations

The filming for ‘Time for You to Come Home for Christmas’ reportedly commenced on September 30, 2019, and concluded after a few weeks on October 18, 2019. You must now be wondering where exactly this movie was shot. To feed your curiosity, we’d like to reveal that the film was shot in parts of British Columbia, despite being set in Virginia. Let’s take a look at more details!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Although the movie is set in the United States, the filming for ‘Time For You to Come Home for Christmas’ took place in several locations in the province of British Columbia, particularly in Vancouver. Dubbed as the Hollywood North, the seaport city is a popular filming spot in the Great White North.

Vancouver is a preferred filming hotspot for various film and television productions due to its beautiful locales, availability of seasoned crew, tax credits, and production facilities. Thus, it is not surprising that the production team of ‘Time For You to Come Home for Christmas’ chose the city as a filming spot.

Township of Langley, British Columbia

The filming for the movie took place in the Township of Langley. It is located towards the southwest corner of the province of British Columbia, around 28 miles east of the city of Vancouver. The city of Langley is a popular filming spot within the territory of British Columbia. Famous movies and TV shows shot in Langley include ‘Riverdale,’ ‘The 100,’ ‘You Me Her,’ and ‘Arrow.’ 

Over the years, Langley’s high demand as a filming space has pushed the economy of the township to newer heights. Within the Township of Langley, the movie was also shot in various locations, including the small community of Murrayville. The Murrayville Community Memorial Hall, located at 21667 48 Avenue, in the area, doubled up as a shooting site for the scenes set in the Snowball Dance hall.

Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Nestled between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears, in the northeastern part of Greater Vancouver, Maple Ridge reportedly served as a filming site for the cast and crew of ‘Time For You to Come Home for Christmas.’ Over the years, it has doubled up as a filming spot for several movie and TV productions; some of them are ‘Chasing Waterfalls,’ ‘The Christmas Waltz,’ ‘Love on Harbor Island,’ and ‘Exit Stage Death.’

Time For You to Come Home for Christmas Cast

The cast of ‘Time For You to Come Home for Christmas’ includes Alison Sweeney as Katherine. The actor’s previous works include the ‘Murder, She Baked’ series, as well as Hallmark’s ‘Chronicle Mysteries.’ Lucas Bryant portrays the role of Jack. You must have seen the actor in ‘Agents of SHIELD,’ ‘Country at Heart,’ ‘Private Eyes,’ ‘Shoot the Messenger,’ and ‘Haven.’ Britt Irvin essays the role of Jessica. The actor is widely known for her role in ‘Chesapeake Shores,’ along with other works including ‘Planet X’ and ‘Supernatural.’

Other actors include Kiefer O’Reilly as Will Moss, Michele Scarabelli as Sandra, Michael Kopsa as John, Caitlin Stryker as Maggie, Sebastian Gacki as Roger, Sebastian Greaves as Tyler, Ronald Patrick Thompson as Teddy, Michelle Brezinski as Beth, Andy Nez as Mike, Frances Flanagan as Carla, Lindsay Winch as Nora, Nikki Chohan as Shelly, and many more.

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