Who Does Sofía End Up With in Control Z: Raúl or Javier?

Control Z‘ season 3 is set in the aftermath of the death of the National School’s principal under mysterious circumstances. Though attributed to suicide, Susana’s death is actually precipitated by the actions of some of the school’s students. Once again, the vicious hacker @allyoursecrets begins tormenting the student body, threatening to reveal their deepest secrets. For the ones that witnessed Susana’s death, the threat is all the more ominous.

At the center of the mystery is Sofía, a relatively unpopular student who nonetheless uses her acute observation skills to pick up crucial clues. As she becomes the focal point of the investigation, Sofía catches the attention of the school’s heartthrob, Javier, as well as the wealthy and scheming Raúl. A subtle but intense tug of war for her affection ensues between the two boys, made all the more complex for being entwined with the mystery of @allyoursecrets. So who does the intrepid Sofía end up with at the end of ‘Control Z’? Let’s find out.

Who Does Sofía End Up With — Raúl or Javier?

When the show first picks up (in season 1), Sofía is a relatively unknown element, choosing to spend her time in school alone, observing other students. Once the hacker turns the National School upside down, she grows closer to Javier as the two investigate the identity of their tormentor. A little while later, it is hinted that Raúl also has a soft spot for Sofía. However, by then, she is firmly with Javier.

Come season 3, Sofía and Javier are very much together and seemingly very much in love. Though there is a brief spark, things between Sofía and Raúl remain contentious mainly because she doesn’t trust him. The fact that Raúl has been previously caught lying and colluding with @allyoursecrets also causes a major rift between the two.

Sofía likes Javier because of his truthfulness, but all of that changes when he reveals his own involvement (through his father) in the hiding of principal Susana’s body. Their trust broken, Sofía instantly breaks up with Javier. As things go, she soon finds herself locked in a room with Raúl as a hostage of the hacker. It is here that their romance once again sparks. Incidentally, Raúl maintains that he has always had a soft spot for her, and now, seeing him kidnapped and suffering (which seemingly proves his innocence), Sofía decides that he is the one for her.

And so, against all expectations, Sofía ends up with Raúl. Javier seemingly gets back with his previous girlfriend, Natalie, though it isn’t clear whether they stay together or not. But, perhaps what is most surprising is that the season 3 ending hints that Raúl was actually behind @allyoursecrets the whole time and essentially plotted to have Sofía leave Javier for him. According to a theory by the latter, which becomes increasingly plausible, Raúl’s ultimate goal was to get her for himself, which is why he feigned all his misfortunes, essentially getting Sofía to believe in his innocence.

When Javier reveals his theory, Sofía laughs in response, calling it weird. However, she doesn’t reveal to Raúl that Javier still considers him a suspect. This could mean that Sofía still suspects him. Despite all of this, it still seems like she and Raúl are well and truly in love at the end, which could also hint that Sofía does know about Raúl’s guilt but chooses to stay with him after seeing the incredible lengths he is willing to go to in order to be with her.

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