Who is Damballa in Chucky?

‘Chucky’ introduces the viewers to a new set of characters such as Jake, Lexy, and Devon while simultaneously sketching out the backstory of the serial killer Charles Lee Ray, aka Chucky. Despite the new additions, the horror series also treats fans with ounces of references and callbacks to the rich lore established in the ‘Child’s Play‘ franchise. One of the most important elements of Chucky’s story is Damballa, and we are sure viewers must have noticed the killer doll chanting the name on numerous occasions. But who or what is Damballa? If you are wondering the same, here’s everything you need to know about the sinister force!

Who is Damballa in Chucky?

In the fifth episode of the show, viewers see Chucky transferring his soul from one dol to another after suffering from a nasty burn. In order to do so, he says a chant that includes the name Damballa. In the season finale, Chucky fights Jake and proves to be extremely strong for the teenager to beat despite just being a doll. The reason for Chucky’s superhuman strength is connected to Damballa.

In the world of ‘Chucky,’ Damballa is one of the most important spirits in Voodoo. He is considered the creator of all living things by voodoo practitioners. In the franchise’s first movie, Chucky is able to transfer his soul from his human body to a Good Guy doll by using a chant and an amulet known as the Heart of Damballa. The Voodoo spirit also gives Chucky his superhuman strength, which is crucial for the doll while taking on its opponents.

Dubbed the Sky Father, Damballa manifests himself as a storm of dark clouds. Previously, both Chucky and Tiffany have summoned Damballa in his cloud form during the vents of different films of the franchise. Tiffany finds the summoning spell in a book titled ‘Voodoo For Dummies.’A voodoo spell connected to Damballa allows Chucky to split his soul into various vessels at the same time leading to the formation of his cult in the movie ‘Cult of Chucky.’

Although Damballa is only heard of in the television series, Chucky appears to call upon the spirit’s powers during his fight with Jake. Now that Jake is aware that Chucky’s powers are connected to Damballa, the teenagers and Andy could search for the Heart of Damballa in a bid to end Chucky’s cult in a single blow. However, any such storylines will have to wait for the show’s recently announced second season.

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