Who is Dr. Mia Castries in New Amsterdam? Genevieve Angelson Plays Her

The fourth season of NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam’ sees various startling changes in the New Amsterdam Medical Center. From Reynolds and Lyn’s relationship to Helen’s resignation to join her former workplace, season 4 of the show depicts various developments. However, the most consequential one is indeed Max’s decision to leave. He gets replaced by Dr. Veronica Fuentes, who starts to undo Max’s efforts. She appoints Dr. Mia Castries, much to the dismay of other department chiefs. If you are curious about the new addition in ‘New Amsterdam,’ we have got you covered! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Dr. Mia Castries?

Dr. Mia Castries is the newly appointed head of the holistic medicine department. Dr. Veronica Fuentes appoints her as a part of the plan to transform the hospital to her ways and methods and gain the support of the other doctors. Mia starts her first day with a no-nonsense approach. She is straightforward with her treatment styles and candid with fellow colleagues. She begins her practice by treating Bloom’s patient Greg Treize. Even when Bloom storms into her room to confront her for stealing her patient, she stands her ground unflinchingly.

Even though Mia’s methods do not impress other doctors like Bloom or Iggy, she succeeds in using them efficiently. When Treize expresses his irrational concerns about being cursed, Mia handles the situation in a manner that suits him. Unlike Bloom, who stamps her scientific reasoning on a worried superstitious patient, Mia talks and eases Treize with a language his superstitious mind can perceive. When Bloom’s scientific assurances fail to convince Treize to undergo surgery, Mia succeeds in persuading him by saying that she will take care of his unstable energy.

Beyond the science and reasoning behind the cure, Mia focuses on providing psychological comfort to her patients. The example of Treize portrays her efficiency in doing so. However, as far as the well-being of New Amsterdam is concerned, Mia may not be a positive presence in the hospital. Since she is appointed by Veronica, we may see her playing a pivotal role in the new medical director’s plans to change the way the hospital was run by Max. Since Mia comes to know that Bloom performed Treize’s surgery without Veronica’s knowledge, Bloom’s future at the hospital may depend on Mia’s decisions.

Who Plays Dr. Mia Castries?

Genevieve Angelson plays the role of Dr. Mia Castries in ‘New Amsterdam.’ The actress was born on April 13, 1987, in New York City. Angelson’s one of the prominent early performances is in Showtime’s comedy series ‘House of Lies,’ in which she portrays Caitlin Hobart. The actress then replaced Mamie Gummer in ‘Backstrom’ to essay the role of Detective Nicole Gravely. Angelson was part of the main cast of ‘Good Girls Revolt’ as well. You may even recognize her as Jenny Lacasse from ‘The Upside’ and Dr. Eve Watson in ‘Titans.’

Angelson’s other acting credits include ‘Blue Bloods,’ ‘Flack,’ ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,’ and ‘This is Us.’ Her theater credits include Tony Award-winning play ‘Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.’ Moreover, the talented actress is also a writer who writes about distinct subjects ranging from parenting to Hollywood in publications such as Town & Country, Refinery29, and Elle.

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