Who Is Eli’s Mother in Teen Wolf: The Movie? Is He a Werewolf?

Paramount+’s ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ is a supernatural thriller film directed by Russell Mulcahy. It is a continuation of MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf‘ created by Jeff Davis. It follows Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) as he unites his pack to fight against a new supernatural threat in his hometown. However, the film’s emotional core is formed through the relationship between Derek Hale and his son, Eli. Nonetheless, there are several mysteries about Eli, such as his mother’s identity and status as a werewolf. If you are wondering who is Eli’s mother and whether he becomes a werewolf in ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Real Identity of Eli’s Mother

Eli Hale (Vince Mattis) is the fifteen-year-old, somewhat delinquent son of Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin). He is an original character introduced in ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie,’ and is absent from the entirety of the television show. In ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie,’ Eli is a student at Beacon Hills High School and lives with his father. However, Eli’s mother is nowhere to be seen, and Derek raises his son as a single father. The father-son share a tumultuous relationship as Derek encourages Eli to learn about his werewolf heritage. However, Eli is a bit of a troublemaker and resembles Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) in personality.

While fans of the show often shipped Derek and Stiles together, that relationship strictly belongs in the fanfiction realm. In the show and the movie, the identity of Eli Hale’s mother remains a mystery. Throughout the movie, we get no clues about Derek’s romantic partner, who gave birth to Eli. However, considering Eli is fifteen years old, and the film takes place fifteen years after Allison Argent’s death (in the show’s third season), viewers have suspected that the mercenary, Braeden, is Eli’s mother.

Braeden and Derek shared a romantic relationship and left Beacon Hills together. However, there is no mention of Braeden when Derek returns to Beacon Hills in the sixth season. Moreover, Braeden’s Afircan-American ethnicity makes it unlikely that she is Eli’s mother. Therefore, it is likely that Eli’s mother is someone we are yet to meet.

Eli’s mother might be a biological werewolf like Derek and could be a part of a famous werewolf family like the Hales. Given Eli’s age, it is safe to assume that he was born sometime between the show’s fourth and sixth seasons. Hence, Derek might have met Eli’s mother during his adventures in South America. Nonetheless, the mystery around the identity of Eli’s mother gives the character an interesting conflict that can be explored in future installments if we see a sequel to the movie.

Eli Hale’s Fate as a Werewolf

Eli belongs to the Hale family, whose members are biological werewolves. Eli’s grandmother, Talia Hale, was one of the most respected werewolves known to have complete control over her transformation. Other family members, such as Eli’s father, Derek Hale, and Derek’s uncle, Peter Hale, have proven to be the strongest werewolves rising to the status of an Alpha. However, Eli is unable to transform into his werewolf form. Eli is scared of his transformation and often passes out when he sees his fangs and claws.

Later, it is revealed that Eli cannot transform due to a traumatic childhood incident involving his father. However, by the film’s end, Eli and Derek resolve the issue, allowing Eli to transform into a werewolf. During the final battle with the Nogitsune, Eli fights alongside Derek and Scott. Ultimately, Derek perishes in the battle but encourages Eli to accept his true self. The film ends with Eli controlling his werewolf form, making him the latest teenage werewolf whose adventures in Beacon Hills are about to start.

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