Teen Wolf The Movie Ending, Explained: What Is the Nogitsune’s Devine Move?

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Paramount+’s ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ is a supernatural thriller film directed by Russell Mulcahy. It serves as a continuation of the television series of the same name developed for television by Jeff Davis. The film takes place a few years after Scott McCall and his pack graduated from high school and moved to different walks of life. However, when a sinister evil rises and threatens their sleepy little town of Beacon Hills, Scott, the perpetual Alpha, is forced to gather his pack for one hell of a fight. As old friends reunite and new alliances are forged, Scott and his pack do everything they can to dispel the evil, but do they succeed? Allow us to break down the ending of ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ for you! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Teen Wolf: The Movie Plot Synopsis

‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ opens with a hooded figure meeting Liam Dunbar and Hikari Zhang in Japan. After tricking the duo, the man steals a jar and releases the Nogitsune from confinement. Meanwhile, Scott McCall lives in Los Angeles and works with his mentor. Dr. Alan Deaton. After saving a young girl and her dog, Scott has a vision of his former lover, Allison Argent. Moments later, Allison’s father, Chris Argent, shows up at Scott’s shelter and explains that Allison is possibly stuck between life and death. Therefore, they must return to Beacon Hills and perform an ancient ritual to help her move on.

Image Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/Paramount+

In Beacon Hills, Derek Hale works as a consultant for Sheriff Noah Stilinski as they investigate a string of arsons in the town’s woods. Meanwhile, Derek’s teenage son, Eli Hale, steals Roscoe, the jeep belonging to Stiles Stilinski, from his dad’s auto shop. However, Eli gets into trouble after Derek finds out about his actions. The two argue about Eli’s unwillingness to learn about werewolf transformation. Elsewhere, Scott arrives in Beacon Hills and reunites with Lydia. He seeks help from Malia Tate, and the trio searches for the Nemeton to perform the ritual. However, the group gets lost in the woods and runs into Eli.

After Eli guides them to the Nemeton, the trio performs the ritual only to find Allison alive and unconscious. Simultaneously, Deaton and Argent discover that the Nogitsune is running free and likely involved in Allison’s reemergence. Scott takes Allison to the hospital, but she escapes after regaining consciousness. The Nogitsune tracks down Allison and turns her against Scott and his pack. Allison hunts down members of Scott’s pack while the Nogitsune’s nine Oni help her. Soon, it becomes evident that the Nogitsune is playing its twisted game of chaos and strife to get revenge on Scott and his friends. How Scott’s pack unites under the challenging circumstances to fight the Nogitsune forms the rest of the plot.

Teen Wolf: The Movie Ending: What Is the Nogitsune’s Devine Move?

As the narrative progresses, Scott and his friends learn that the Nogitsune has brainwashed Allison into believing they killed her family. While Scott tries to get Allison’s memory back, she hunts his friends. Meanwhile, the Nogitsune carefully takes the other pieces off the board, setting up his divine move. When the Nogitsune faced Scott, and his pack years ago, Allison died in Scott’s arms. The Nogitsune wants to complete its cycle of chaos by repeating the same. However, to get its revenge on Scott, the Nogitsune wants him to die in Allison’s arms this time.

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The hooded figure is revealed as Adrian Harris, the group’s chemistry teacher from their high school days. Harris unleashed the Nogitsune as they share the same goal – revenge against Scott McCall. By the movie’s final act, the Nogitsune traps Derek, Sheriff Stilinski, Noah, Liam, Hikari, Eli, Scott, and Allison in a corporeal world created from its power of illusion. Meanwhile, Lydia, Jackson, Melissa, Peter, and Chris are held by the Oni outside a mountain ash barrier. As a result, Scott is fighting a losing battle against the Nogitsune but partially succeeds in reminding Allison of their shared past, turning her to his side.

Scott does not want any of his friends to die. Therefore, he agrees to let the Nogitsune win by playing its Devine Move of Allison killing Scott. Allison shoots Scott in the heart with her wolfsbane arrows. The Nogitsune is tricked into believing that it has won. However, Hikari’s Fire Kitsune spirit has been protecting Scott all along. The arrows do not kill him, and Scott quickly heals from the wounds. Eventually, Parrish and Malia arrive with silver bullets capable of killing the Oni. Parrish unleashes his Hellhound form, and Lydia taps into her Banshee powers to help their friends inside the illusion. As a result, the Nogitsune’s Devine Move fails, and Scott unites his pack for one final battle.

How Do Scott and Derek Defeat the Nogitsune?

In the end, Scott’s pack fights the Oni while Scott and Derek team up against the Nogitsune. The fight scene is a throwback to the old days when Derek was the Alpha, but with Scott’s help, they managed to take down the toughest foes. However, the group defeated the trickster spirit only with some help from Stiles. Nonetheless, Eli transforms into a werewolf and fights alongside Scott and Derek, filling out the third spot.

The Nogitsune plays its hand by conjuring an illusion that separates Scott, Derek, and Eli. However, the trio manages to break the illusion using their roar. A werewolf roars to contact its pack and reveal its location, the first lesson Scott learned from Derek. Scott and Derek roll back the years as they unleash their raw strength and capture the Nogitsune. However, they must completely destroy the trickster spirit to stop it from returning again. Hence, Parrish uses his hellfire to burn the creature but needs someone to hold down the Nogitsune.

Ultimately, Derek takes responsibility, pushing Scott aside. Derek bravely sacrifices himself to protect his loved ones and perishes with the Nogitsune. However, in his last moments, he entrusts Eli’s responsibility to Scott. Scott and Derek consider each other brothers and remain connected through their shared werewolf bond. Thus, Derek sacrifices himself, knowing his brother will look after Eli.

The emotional moment brings Derek’s story full circle as his eyes turn Red, becoming a True Alpha. Derek’s eyes turned blue after he became responsible for his lover’s death. However, by sacrificing himself for his loved ones, Derek proves himself to be the most virtuous of the werewolves, a True Alpha. Sadly, the True Alpha power is not enough to save him from the hellfire, and Derek Hale, rests in peace, at last.

Does Eli Become a Werewolf? Why Did He Get the Jeep?

In the aftermath of their fight with the Nogitsune, Scott and his family hold a funeral for Derek. Scott reminds Eli that he will always look after him as Derek did when he was younger. Scott and Allison reunite and discuss adopting Eli. Meanwhile, Harris is arrested and sent to Eichen House, a psychiatric house for those who believe in the supernatural. As for Eli, he transforms into a werewolf during the final fight after failing to confront his wolf form due to a traumatic childhood incident. However, his father’s death motivates Eli to accept his true self by learning to be a werewolf.

In the final moments, Sheriff Stilinski gives Eli the keys to Stiles’ jeep. The Sheriff reminds Eli that the jeep, just like his father, kept running no matter how badly it got knocked down. Thus, the Sheriff urges Eli to keep the jeep running as a symbol of his father’s legacy. Ultimately, Eli will not only be shouldering the responsibility of his father’s legacy but the entirety of the McCall pack. Like the jeep, the ‘Teen Wolf’ universe also finds a way to keep moving forward, sometimes without the most fan-favorite characters like Stiles and Derek. Therefore, Eli getting the jeep symbolizes the passing of the baton, with Little Hale becoming the latest teenage werewolf menace in Beacon Hills.

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