Who is Hamster on The Masked Singer?

As a one-of-a-kind singing competition wherein a blend of different celebrities face off against each other while wearing elaborate costumes that cover every inch of their bodies, Fox’s ‘The Masked Singer’ is a series that is as engaging as it is entertaining. After all, the audience and judges are the ones who get to vote for their favorites and guess who the person behind the disguise really is. So now that season 6 has introduced us to a fresh slate of masked figures, let’s delve into the clues and guesses about the enigmatic, intriguing, and talented Hamster, shall we?

Clues About Hamster

Hamster is a competitor who decided to don on the puffy, orange-colored rodent ensemble – complete with the furs and a full mouth – because their body type is similar. They also coupled it with bedazzled headphones and a four-layer colorful necklace to finish off the entire look. Coming to their audio-video clues, Hamster stated that they felt “stuck” in a “wheel, going around and ’round” with no aim during the last year (due to the pandemic) and that it was strange for them since they usually jump from “one project to the next” with their “famous friends.” Arenas were specified.

Apart from this, the few aspects that stood out the most in Hamster’s clue package were that it was decorated with hamster toys and stars, included an orange fish and a poster of the Alcatraz island, and had a locker with a baseball bat, a strawberry plush, and moss. Hamster said, “It’s sunny, and I like to play baseball.” They additionally revealed that they enjoy reading, doing jumping jacks, and are hoping to be the teacher’s pet, quite literally. Following all this, Hamster performed “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison in a manner that left us speechless owing to their sheer talent.

Guesses About Hamster

The four-member judging panel of ‘The Masked Singer’ — Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke — were just as delightfully shocked upon hearing Hamster sing. Yet, their guesses primarily centered around older comedians/actors. While Ken Jeong stated that the celebrity could be Brendan Fraser or Bill Murray, Jenny McCarthy named Tim Allen, Albert Brooks, or Andy Richter. A guess of renowned actor Jack Black was also thrown into the mix by Nicole Scherzinger. Danny Devito was marked as well, but Hamster himself said that he’s a lot taller.

As for fan guesses, some have claimed DJ Khaled and Pauly D based on costume alone, whereas others have identified Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Uzi, and Michael Keaton. However, the most popular guess, and the one we also believe to be the real identity of Hamster, is Rob Schneider. He’s a comedian and actor who starred in a baseball film entitled ‘The Benchwarmers’ in 2006, and musical talent seems to run in his family. His daughter is country artist Elle King, and he has even sung with her in one of his Netflix specials.

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