Who is Judge Mitch Davis in Yellowstone? Is He John Dutton’s Ally?

Yellowstone‘ season 4 sees John Dutton dealing with some legal issues on behalf of activist Summer Higgins. As the season approaches its conclusion, Summer finds herself in police custody, facing charges that could imprison her for life. She turns to John for help, and he decides to put in a word for Summer to Judge Mitch Davis. However, Judge Davis’ actions will make viewers question whether he is an ally of John or working against the Dutton patriarch. Here’s everything you need to know about Judge Mitch Davis in ‘Yellowstone.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Judge Mitch Davis in Yellowstone?

In ‘Yellowstone,’ Mitchell “Mitch” Davis is the judge presiding over Summer Higgins’ case. He is introduced in the fourth season finale, titled ‘Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops.’ After learning of Beth’s involvement in Summer’s arrest, John decides to help Summer fight the charges against her. After seeing no solution, John reluctantly agrees to talk to the case’s judge. Mitch Davis is revealed as the judge in charge of the case and John’s old friend.

Veteran actor Pat Skipper essays the role of Judge Mitch Davis in the series. Skipper is known for his appearances in numerous films and television shows such as ‘Shameless,’ ‘Bosch,’ and ‘The Mentalist,’ among others. Viewers might recognize the actor as Bill Scully Jr. from the hit sci-fi drama ‘The X-Files.’ In the season 4 finale, John discusses the possibility of dropping the charges against Summer with Judge Davis. However, Judge Davis has his own agenda.

Is Judge Davis on John’s Side?

John discusses Summer’s case with Judge Davis in hopes that their friendship can help drop the charges against Summer. Judge Davis insists that John will have to bring in a strong plea agreement for any leniency in the sentencing, but he will consider John’s words. However, Judge Davis also reminds John that the odds are stacked against Summer, and she will be going to prison. Judge Davis’ sentiments make it difficult to gauge whether he has accepted John’s request. Judge Davis rules against Summer and sentences her to 15 years in jail, confirming that he did not listen to John. Judge Davis enacts his own will and, based on the facts and motivations in front of him, sentences Summer to prison.

John is infuriated and confronts Judge Davis in his office. The two get into a heated argument. Judge Davis insists that an example had to be made out of Summer. John agrees that Judge Davis has made his point and tells him to suspend the felony charges. After some hesitation, Judge Davis agrees to listen to an appeal and suspend the charges. The change will, in turn, allow Summer to be released from prison in about eight months. Therefore, in the end, Judge Davis and John reach an agreement. However, given Judge Davis’ actions, he cannot be considered an ally of John.

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