Who is Kayla? Is Cait Fairbanks in Chicago Fire?

Blake Gallo’s romantic life is one of the most engrossing storylines of the recent seasons of NBC’s action series ‘Chicago Fire.’ In the tenth season of the series, Gallo nurtures feelings for his colleague Violet Mikami but her relationship with Chief Evan Hawkins stops him from pursuing her. In the eleventh season, Gallo gets together with Tracy, Christopher Herrmann’s niece, in a casual relationship that doesn’t last long. The twelfth episode of the season follows another adventure of Gallo as he tries to date a girl named Kayla. So, what more do we know about Kayla? Who plays her? Let’s find out!

A Case of Mistaken Identity: Kayla Seeks Her Firefighting Hero

As far as Firehouse 51 is concerned, a Home Trader showroom located within the jurisdiction of the station is nothing but a headache. Kayla works at the showroom and she meets a firefighter when the showroom catches fire for the third time in the month. After the intervention, she tries to reunite with the firefighter who helped her. Since Gallo has extinguished a fire at the place in recent times, Darren Ritter believes that the firefighter Kayla wants to meet is Gallo. He motivates his colleague and best friend to meet her. During their meeting, Gallo impresses Kayla with his skills as a firefighter and they share their love for Chicago Cubs, where Kayla’s father works.

However, the firefighter Kayla has been seeking is not Gallo. As their “first date” comes to an end, Kayla offers Gallo a glove that belongs to the firefighter who saved her from the fire. He realizes that another firefighter named Mizgorski is the one Kayla is searching for. Although he is not the one Kayla is looking for, Gallo seriously considers dating her without breaking the pretense. He doesn’t want to say no to the tickets Kayla can arrange for watching the games of Cubs through her father as well. As he plans the same, Violet reminds him of the complexities he had to deal with while dating Tracy without saying the truth to Herrmann.

To avoid further complications, Gallo decides to come clean to Kayla. During their second date, Gallo opens up about dating his lieutenant’s niece, which severely offends Kayla. He also adds that the glove she gave to him belonged to a married firefighter, who saved her during the showroom fire. Violet’s advice backfires as Kayla storms off from the bar, leaving Gallo for good.

Cait Fairbanks Plays Kayla in Chicago Fire

Yes, Cait Fairbanks is in ‘Chicago Fire.’ The actress, known for her performance as Tessa Porter in CBS’ soap opera ‘The Young and the Restless,’ plays Kayla in the action drama. Cait started her acting career at the age of eight by performing in theatre. Over the years, she has been a cast member of over 20 professional, regional, and community theatre productions, including ‘Heathers: The Musical’ and ‘13.’ She made her television debut with her performance as Gabby Walsh in ‘Untold Stories of the E.R.’ The actress received attention due to her performance as Mindy Sanchez in CBS’ police procedural ‘CSI: NY.’

Cait also plays Darlene in ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ and Kennedy in ‘Lincoln Heights.’ In CBS’ celebrated sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men,’ she plays Joanne. Cait’s most renowned performance is in ‘The Young and the Restless,’ in which she plays Tessa Porter, who dates Noah Newman. For her performance in the soap opera, Cait received two Daytime Emmy Awards nominations. The actress is also a singer-songwriter, who has released her songs under the names Cait Fairbanks and Ginesse.

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