Who Is Risa in 1883? Is She Dead or Alive?

‘1883’ tells a story of hope set in the American Wild West. The show revolves around a group of immigrants following Shea Brennan across the Great Plains to find a place to settle down. However, this journey is arduous, and the road is filled with hardships of all kinds. Amidst these circumstances, various characters face their own struggle, and one of them is a young woman named Risa. In the fifth episode, Risa faces a dangerous situation that will make viewers worry about her survival. If you are looking for more details about Risa and her fate at the end of episode 5, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Risa in 1883?

Risa is a supporting character in ‘1883’ and is introduced in the series premiere episode. She is a European immigrant and the wife of Josef. Risa appears sporadically throughout the first three episodes, but her presence becomes more prominent in the fourth episode. She has a very optimistic outlook on life and hopes of a bright future with her husband. After Josef becomes stressed with the traveling camp’s situation, Risa and Josef discuss their future and dreams about starting a new life in Oregon. She also expresses an interest in starting a family with her husband.

Actress Anna Fiamora plays the role of Risa in the series. Fiamora is originally from Ukraine and studied acting from an early age. She has made small appearances in the television series ‘DownBeat’ and a few short films. Thus, it is safe to say that playing Risa in ‘1883’ is Fiamora’s first major acting gig. She is credited as a recurring cast member for season 1.

Is Risa Dead or Alive?

In the fifth episode of the series, Risa is present when her husband is beaten by one camper who stole everyone’s supplies. She helps her husband and tends to his wounds. Later, Shea and the other cowboys decide to fight the bandits to protect their resources and people. They formulate a plan and set up a trap for the bandits. Hence, all the wagons, campers, and cattle are moved to a hiding spot. However, Josef and Risa remain behind as bait to lure the bandits in an open field where it would be easy for the cowboys to deal with them.

While Josef hides, Risa prepares food. One of the bandits approaches Risa and strikes a conversation with her. He ensures that Risa is alone and tries to attack her. However, Risa draws out a pistol and tries to shoot the bandit. She fails, but Josef kills the man with a shotgun. The rest of the bandits charge towards the couple. As Risa tries to flee, a string of bullets is shot in her direction. She collapses to the ground but does not appear to be injured by the bullets. In the end, the cowboys arrive and provide cover fire for Risa and Josef to get to safety. Thus, Risa survives, but the dangerous incident leaves a deep mark on her.

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