Who is Roman Parker in NCIS? Who Plays Him?

The fifteenth episode of CBS’ thriller seriesNCIS’ season 20 follows the efforts of NCIS to find the murderer of Petty Officer Sam Vega. The investigation, led by Supervisory Special Agent Alden Parker, leads the NCIS team to a retirement home named Sunshine Pines, where Sam helped a resident named Marilyn. Parker and others come to know that the propofol used to kill the officer was taken from the medical center in the retirement home. Realizing any information concerning the operation of the establishment may turn out to be vital, NCIS seeks the help of Roman Parker, who goes undercover to find more about the retirement home. If you are intrigued by the character, here’s everything you need to know about him! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Roman Parker: Agent Alden Parker’s Father

Roman Parker is the father of Agent Alden Parker. He was a resident of a retirement home from where he got forced to leave because of his multiple relationships with the women at the place. When the female residents started to fight for him, the establishment asks Roman to leave, which paves the way for his stay at Alden’s house. Roman is a man of habit and preferences. He doesn’t compromise his preferences even if the same unsettle others. After started staying at Alden’s house, he increases the temperature of the house using the thermostat, infuriating his son.

Roman likes to spend his time watching cable TV and despises the new streaming-only variant of the television experience. Even when he meets Timothy McGee, he asks the agent about having cable TV. Roman also doesn’t worry about the consequences of his actions. By increasing the temperature at Alden’s house, he nearly kills his son’s orchids, forcing the latter to take the same to his office. As a father, Roman loves Alden. When he becomes a Sunshine Pines resident, he expresses his concern that he will not be spending his time with his son for a while.

However, Roman doesn’t give Alden the satisfaction of cherishing the revelation as he fights with the latter soon, making the agent realize that the retirement house is the best place for his father.

Roman Parker Portrayed by Francis Xavier McCarthy

Francis Xavier McCarthy, who is known for his performance as Olsen in Steve Martin-starrer ‘The Man with Two Brains,’ plays Roman Parker. McCarthy is a veteran actor with nearly 140 acting credits, starting with a TV movie titled ‘A Last Cry for Help.’ He then joined the cast of a series of TV shows such as ‘Blind Ambition,’ ‘The French Atlantic Affair,’ ’21 Jump Street,’ and ‘The Rockford Files.’ In the 1980s, the actor was a part of the cast of productions such as Ken Russell’s ‘Altered States,’ ‘Cutter’s Way,’ ‘Summer School,’ ‘Action Jackson,’ etc.

In the 1990s, McCarthy joined the guest cast of ‘Frasier,’ ‘Babylon 5,’ ‘The Secret World of Alex Mack,’ ‘Pacific Blue,’ etc. In the renowned sports film ‘BASEketball,’ the actor plays Dr. Kaiser. McCarthy’s recent credits include Boots in ‘Interstellar,’ Professor Queensfield in ‘Dear White People,’ Thomas in ‘9-1-1,’ Lou in ‘No Tomorrow,’ Declan Rogers in ‘Bates Motel,’ Noah Cassity in ‘Supernatural,’ Hank Shelton in ‘CSI: NY,’ etc. ‘On the Basis of Sex,’ ‘Second Chance,’ ‘Motive,’ ‘Smallville,’ ‘NYPD Blue,’ ‘Beacon Hill,’ etc. are some of the other productions in which McCarthy appears.

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