Who Is the Chief at the End of Luther The Fallen Sun? Theories

Netflix’s ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ is a crime thriller film written by Neil Cross based on his British television series ‘Luther.’ It is directed by Jamie Payne and sees actor Idris Elba reprise as Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. In the film, Luther comes across David Robey, a tech billionaire who moonlights as a serial killer. While Luther tries to catch Robey, he finds himself in prison with his reputation destroyed. When the dust settles, and Luther emerges from his battle with Robey, he meets the mysterious government agent, The Chief. If you are wondering who The Chief is and how his presence will affect Luther’s future, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Luther Offered Spy Role by Mysterious Chief

In the film, DCI John Luther investigates the disappearance of teenager Callum Aldrich, which quickly turns into a murder case. However, before Luther could make any progress in finding the killer, his crimes were leaked to the public and media. As a result, Luther’s reputation is destroyed, and he is arrested. While Luther is imprisoned in the Turfsmoor Prison, he is contacted by David Robey (Andy Serkis) through a radio. As a result, Luther becomes determined to catch the serial killer and escapes from prison. After a lengthy chase across London, Luther tracks down Robey to his hideout in Norway with the help of DCI Odette Raine (Cynthia Erivo).

During the climax, Luther turns the tables on Robey by leading the police directly to his hideout. While Robey tries to escape, Luther chases after the serial killer. The two men brawl over a frozen lake Robey was using to dump the bodies of his victims. Luther holds down Robey long enough for the latter to pass out. Robey is presumed dead as he sinks to the bottom of the frozen lake. On the other hand, Luther’s injuries get the better of him, and he falls unconscious. However, he is saved by the incoming team of paramedics.

Who Is the Chief?

In the aftermath of Luther’s fight with Robey, he is gravely injured and in a near-death situation. However, Luther is rescued just in time, and the doctors care for him. In the final moments, Luther regains consciousness and finds himself in an unfamiliar location. As Luther regains his strength, he is greeted by his longtime superior, Martin Schenk. Schenk reveals that Luther is being kept in a government-owned safe house. However, given that Luther had become a wanted criminal following his escape from prison and a disgrace in the public eye, he is surprised by the government’s gesture.

Luther’s conversation with Schenk is interrupted by the sudden arrival of an entourage of government vehicles. One of the government servants steps out of the car and meets Luther as he steps out of the safe house. The government servant compliments Luther for his efforts in taking down Robey. He then directs Luther to a car, stating that his boss, “The Chief,” would like to speak with Luther. However, the movie ends before Luther enters the vehicle, and we meet The Chief.

The ending strongly implies that The Chief leads a top-secret government agency that operates in the shadows. With Luther’s reputation ruined in the public eye and the former police officer getting branded as a criminal, it is unlikely that he will be able to return to his job as a Detective Chief Inspector. Hence, it seems like The Chief is offering Luther a way out of prison. The Chief might be trying to recruit Luther as a spy for his government agency. Moreover, Luther has no option but to accept the job offer. His tendency to break the law could be a valuable attribute for the government agency. Hence, the ending of ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ strongly suggests a future as a spy for DCI John Luther.

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