Who is the Father of Mel’s Baby in Virgin River?

Based on the namesake novel series by American author Robyn Carr, Netflix’s ‘Virgin River‘ is about the residents of the fictional titular town in California. The story begins as nurse practitioner and midwife Melinda “Mel” Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) arrives in Virgin River after the tragic death of her husband, Mark Monroe (Daniel Gillies), seeking a new start. What she finds in the paradisical town changes her life forever. She makes lifelong friends in the community and falls in love with the dashing former Marine and local bar owner, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson). In season 3, Mel becomes pregnant but isn’t sure whether the father is Jack or her late husband, Mark. Here is everything you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is the Father of Mel’s Baby?

The identity of the father of Mel’s baby is one of the unresolved issues from season 3 that carry over to the fourth season. After she and Jack seemingly part ways in the third season, Mel goes to Los Angeles so she can be there for her sister Joey during her divorce. This is when she decides to use the eggs she and Mark froze before his death. Soon enough, Mel discovers that she is pregnant. After she returns to Virgin River, she and Jack reconcile, and Jack tries to propose. However, instead of accepting, Mel tells him she might be pregnant and that there is a chance that he might not be the father.

As Jack tries to make sense of everything he has heard, the season ends. In season 4, we learn the extent of Jack’s struggles with everything that is happening to him. He even has nightmares where Mark shows up during the candid moments between him and Mel. The emotional roller coaster the fourth season puts Jack through doesn’t end there. Tim Lonergan, the brother of the Marine that Jack lost in Iraq, shows up in Virgin River and gives Jack the final letter Chris sent to his family, hoping it will provide the former Marine some closure. And it does, but the entire experience resurfaces all the horrible memories as well.

Jack is also forced to confront another past trauma — this one involves the death of his brother Adam when he was younger. As he navigates through these issues, he fails to be with Mel as she deals with her pregnancy. This puts a significant strain on their relationship. When Jack seeks professional help, it improves things with Mel. She learns what Jack is going through and becomes the constant source of support that she always has been for Jack.

Jack ultimately decides that it doesn’t matter whether he is the father of Mel’s unborn baby or not. He loves Mel, and will love the child when they are born. They go through the paternity test, and Jack later takes Mel camping, where he finally succeeds in proposing to her, and Mel accepts. The following day, they get a mail from the clinic, which reveals that Jack is the father and that he and Mel are having a daughter.

This not only makes things less complicated for Jack and Mel but also carries legal ramifications. Earlier in the season, Mark’s mother told Mel that she would file a custodial lawsuit against the latter. Now that Mel has proof that Jack is the father, it makes any future legal measure from Mark’s mother pointless.

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