Who is Travis in And Just Like That…? Will Travis and Carrie End Up Together?

‘And Just Like That…’ is a reboot of the classic rom-com ‘Sex and the City’ and re-explores the experiences of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her best friends, Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis). As the three women, now in their 50s, try to tackle the drama of their romantic and professional lives, they come across new ways of understanding their past and present thanks to both the internet and New York City, which allow many marginalized groups to be vocal about their issues.

In the same vein, the reboot also introduces a range of new characters who impact the trio’s lives in a largely positive way. In episode 5 of the show, fans are excited to see a character named Travis (Ryan Cooper) mainly due to Carrie’s reaction to him. So, who is Travis? And is there a chance that Travis and Carrie will end up together? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for, so let’s dive right in. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Travis?

In the fifth episode of the reboot, we see that Carrie is diagnosed — during her visit to Dr. Vikash Patel, Seema’s cousin — with a congenital birth defect in her hip. Thus, she decides to go for surgery in order to fix her “old lady back” and get rid of the debilitating lower back pain which has been torturing her for quite some time.

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After her surgery, Charlotte and Miranda take turns to stay by Carrie’s bedside and take care of her. Soon, Carrie goes for physical therapy at Active Way Physical Therapy. Whilst Carrie and Charlotte are engrossed in conversation in the waiting room, a handsome young physical therapist comes out to call out the former’s name as it’s time for her session. “Carrie. I’m Travis, the physical therapist. Shall we go back?” he says, confidently approaching her.

Immediately, it’s obvious that Carrie is smitten with his looks; she gazes at him in delight as he helps her get up and answers him in a breathless voice when he asks her questions. Even Charlotte notices that her friend has developed a crush at first sight; she chuckles as Carrie slams her handbag into her friend’s lap and lets Travis take her inside.

Then, Travis mentions that physical therapy works best when there’s a long-term physical goal and asks her if she has one. Carrie immediately says, “To get back into heels.” When Travis laughingly asks her if she has any other goals, she repeats that she just wants to get back into heels. Clearly, Travis is a little confused (perhaps even amused) but he accepts her answer without protest. He asks her to change clothes and get ready for a “deep lower body massage” as it is needed for her hip to get better. Carrie immediately looks like she’s in heaven because she enjoys the idea of a good-looking young therapist massaging her.

Will Travis and Carrie End Up Together?

After her session, Carrie seems noticeably bright and chirpy. She tries to book another appointment with Travis but is told by the receptionist that he is not covered by her insurance; the clinic made a mistake this one time but is willing to rectify it. The receptionist thus offers her Emmett instead, a jovial therapist. “I’m willing to pay out of pocket,” Carrie says immediately, desperately wanting to see Travis on a regular basis.

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So, Carrie agrees to waive her health insurance in order to get more time with Travis. Amusingly, the older woman is ready to pay a heavy price simply for some “eye candy.” However, Travis’ physical therapy does help Carrie get tremendously better in a short span of time. “And just like that, three months later, I was back in heels,” she says towards the end of the episode.

So, will Carrie and Travis end up together? It seems unlikely that they will because Travis doesn’t seem to be romantically interested in Carrie; his charming personality is likely just an extension of his professionalism and kindness towards his patients. Nonetheless, Carrie’s attraction to Travis is a good sign since it highlights that she has begun to move on from Mr. Big’s tragic death. It is possible that Travis is the stepping stone Carrie needs in order to re-enter the dating scene. However, this is a ‘Sex and the City’ reboot, after all, so we won’t be surprised if things do get physical between Carrie and Travis outside of therapy!

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