Who Killed Carlos’ Dad Gabriel in 9-1-1: Lone Star? Why?

The seventeenth and eighteenth episodes of FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ season 4 revolves around the wedding of Tyler Kennedy “TK” Strand and Carlos Reyes. While Carlos prepares for his wedding, his father Gabriel Reyes meets him and asks him to consider leaving Austin Police Department and join his agency. Carlos decides against the same and a fight ensues between the father and son, which ends with the police officer asking his father to be his best man at the wedding. Gabriel, however, doesn’t live enough to attend his beloved child’s wedding as he gets killed a few days before the same. If you are intrigued by Gabriel’s murder, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Gabriel’s Unexpected Tragedy

Gabriel Reyes gets killed while he eagerly awaits his son Carlos’ wedding. While Gabriel tries on his outfit for the wedding along with his wife Andrea Reyes at his house, the doorbell rings, only for him to open the door. Right after he opened the same, an unknown killer fatally shoots the Texas ranger down. After his death, Carlos discovers a hidden cabinet in one of his father’s drawers, in which the latter had stored a VCR tape, a burner phone, and several confidential case files. Upon watching the tape, Carlos comes to know that his father has been investigating the corruption in the APD, State Troopers, and Texas Rangers, specifically the relationship between drug cartels and officers from these three agencies.

Image Credit: Kevin Estrada/FOX

While going through the burner phone, Carlos discovers threats sent to his father by a man named Martinez. Carlos believes that Martinez had been sending the threats to stop his father from testifying against an influential drug cartel member named Santos. Thinking that Martinez is involved in his father’s death, Carlos threatens to kill him if the former doesn’t reveal the truth about Gabriel’s murder. However, Gabriel’s superior Assistant Chief Bridges clear the confusion by letting Carlos know that Martinez is an undercover agent who warned, not threatened, the police officer’s father.

While Carlos considers the possibility of Santos killing his father to stop the latter from testifying against him, Bridges lets the former know that the drug cartel member struck a deal with authorities prior to the trial, leaving Santos without a need for stopping Gabriel. Since the drug cartel doesn’t have any motive to kill Gabriel, his possible murderer most likely is connected with any of the three law-enforcement agencies Gabriel was investigating into. A corrupt official from one of the three agencies must have hired a hitman to kill Gabriel for stopping the latter from unraveling the truth about the corruption that has been happening in the respective agency.

Irrespective of who the killer is, we can expect Carlos to find him in the fifth season of the show. “He [Carlos] was trying to find answers. His father [Gabriel] was murdered — it’s something you can explain, but you have to go after it… And there is not a doubt in Carlos’ mind that he’s going to find that person. The thing is that it’s not gonna happen in two or three days, and I think Carlos’ response to pain is action,” Rafael L. Silva, who plays Carlos, told TV Guide. To find the murderer of his father, Carlos may become a detective as well.

“He [Carlos] is never going to be the same. Carlos has been forever changed. He now lives in a world in which his father [Gabriel] has been murdered. Murdered. It wasn’t an accident, there was no attainable explanation, there’s nothing. Detective work is something we’ve touched on, with Detective Washington saying that he has a talent. If I’m digesting it correctly, I think we’re going down the path of asking what it looks like for Carlos to do more investigative work. Does that work? Does that not work? I’m curious to find out,” Silva told TV Line about the possibility of Carlos becoming a detective after initially deciding against the same. In the fifth season, we may see Carlos capturing Gabriel’s killer as a detective to honor the memory of his father.

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