Why Did Scott Jones Leave Counting Cars? Where is He Now?

A spin-off of ‘Pawn Stars,‘ ‘Counting Cars’ is a reality television series that is follows the crew of Count’s Kustoms, an automobile repair and customization shop owned and operated by Danny Koker AKA The Count. The series has gained popularity thanks to the various exciting projects the crew works on. The customized cars are always an eye-pleasing site, but the camaraderie between the crew members has ensured the show’s longevity.

However, over the course of nine seasons, the Count’s Kustoms crew has gone through some significant changes. New faces have arrived while familiar ones have left the show. One such familiar face that no longer greets us on ‘Counting Cars’ is Scott Jones. If you are curious to find out why Scott exited the series, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything we know in that regard.

Why Did Scott Jones Leave Counting Cars?

Scott Jones appeared on the first two seasons of ‘Counting Cars.’ He took care of the accounts and helped Danny manage the shop. During his time on the show, Scott was known for speaking his mind out and left a mark on the viewers with his hard-working attitude. Fans also remember him for his arguments with Danny and other crew members. However, it was all in the best interest of the business, and even Danny acknowledged it a few times. One of his most memorable moments from the show came in the second season episode titled ‘Psychedelic Cycle,’ where Scott took the crew to race Ferraris.

When the show’s third season aired, Scott wasn’t a part of the show’s cast. The bookkeeper’s exit took place behind the scenes. Fans immediately began to speculate reasons for Scott’s exit. Some believed that he was fired for his argumentative and confrontational nature. Others thought he landed in legal trouble and even accused him of embezzlement. However, all that remains just speculation and nothing more. The real reason for Scott’s exit is that he relocated to a different place. This is briefly explained in the third season of the show.

Where is Scott Jones Now?

In the third season premiere titled ‘Electric Ride,’ it is mentioned that Scott moved to Tennessee after his youngest son was born. The reasoning is much more simple and believable than the various rumors. Ever since leaving the show, Scott has remained outside the public eye. He also does not maintain an active social media presence that updates fans about his personal life. At Count’s Kustoms, Kevin Mack took over Scott’s position and has remained an integral member of the crew.

Not much is known about Scott’s life after leaving the show. It is believed that he opened his own shop in Greeneville, Tennessee, and currently resides there. As far as a return to the show is concerned, it doesn’t seem likely. It is possible that part of the reason why Scott moved away was to spend more time with his family. Given the heavy workload he carried during his time on the show, it is understandable why Scott chose to step away. Nonetheless, Scott’s relentless and hardworking attitude will be forever remembered by the show’s fans.

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